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  • ASRomafan is Ray Tapio. He has ulterior motives for saying the things he does. He keeps talking about Ray as another person but he slipped up a few times and said "I didn't catch that in proofing or printing."
    Thank you for the rep and compliment. While you might think me as good, I am in awe of the guys at BFP. They researched some KNIL (Dutch East Indes) APCs plus others that I had no clue about for B&J. I am pretty poor on artillery.
    Err... You're welcome, all of you! I'm proud that the Pirates play in my home town, but otherwise I'm not much of a baseball fan -- so he's doing a lot more good for you guys by being up there than he ever did for me down here! :D
    "Or set off a sniper." LOL!

    I'm an ASL noob and my rule for those cheap, 1 or 2 FP attacks that close out a fire phase: is a NMC on a naked HS worth a sniper check? Happened about five times before I got smart.

    I see you're in Pittsburgh. From all Red Sox fans, thank you for Jason Bay. The guy's rock solid.
    "You manage to keep this one funny over and over..."

    I'm sure it's not on purpose :whist:

    Will have to map spot North Hills. Just started looking today. Reading the apartmentratings website - wow - - some real horrors to behold. Am thinking of trying to make a drive this weekend, see if I can find a owner who rents a second floor, or a small house out along Rte. 22 - something off the internet. Apartments: there's a couple places in Bridgeville, one in Moon Township, one in Oakdale was going to look at.

    Going to have to get used to much smaller space - but the ASL stuff of course sacred, and so with FITE/Scortched Earth. :)

    Got till June 9 to start - so a week to find a place and a week to prep.

    Only partial relo from Erie.

    You play at others then, or a lot of VASL?

    Hey, cool!

    I'm in the North Hills, roughly 30-45 minutes from the x you mentioned, depending on traffic. Unfortunately, my current POR (Place of Residence ;)) is NA for gaming. :(

    How far along are you in figuring out where you'll be living?

    jwb3 - set to become a new ASL neighbor. Just accepted job in Pittsburgh Metro right at x of 22 and 60 near airport. What side do you live on?
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