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  • "double-wide eh?"

    It's a HUGE house with enuf room for he & his husband (I know, I know) & my family (all 6 maybe 7 of us). I recently went up to Shreveport and rescued my friend from the terrible life she's been living. Now she lives with us and we're hopefully going to get her kid (maybe both but one is almost 18 anyway) down here to go to school with our rugrats. It's still kinda touchy at the moment but it's only been 2 1/2 months. My bro, who has taken in many drug addicts from time to time & is himself clean for the past few years after 20 years of abusing drugs himself, says that we should expect to start seeing a change in Chris at the end of the month or so.
    I saw the thread at the bottom of a page and clicked on it for some old chuckles. Found that I could rep you and someone else deserving that I prob couldn't rep at that time.
    "Just got back from "neg repping" Psycho's mom.

    Did I miss anything?"

    "Yeah, he posted a picture of Pitman in his tub of counters.

    There is only so much we can take."

    Quit talking about me behind my back, pervert! :angry: I know that's where you want to be though, pervert! :angry:
    "I really feel for the suffering Leaf fans"

    Not me. Leaf fans keep buying tickets for junk teams. MLSE has no incentive to provide a quality product -- easy money. And the fans keep coming, and are liberally scattered across the country. When they play in Vancouver it seems like half the place is cheering for the Buds. Let them suffer.

    Ya, I should be more gracious, but this is Toronto we're talking about... the self-absorbed "centre of the universe".
    Ha! I thought it was funny since I think I know who you probably meant but I'd hate to think it was jinxing me - or the other local boys. There seem to be a lot here. Weird...
    "I'm guessing most people didn't get that one"

    Bunch of dumbasses :rolleyes: At least we understood it :D
    "Quit yer *****ing. You know the scarf comment was funny."

    I know. I thought of it for a second but didn't post it. Sometimes that happens. Not often but still... :D
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