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  • "I find this supremely ironic....considering the IIFT and all."

    Rep can't be given so... :clap:
    I'm behind you on this. It's quite obvious that most of the flak you're getting is political in nature...facts be damned. And believe me, that's obvious and reflects poorly on the usual perpetrators.

    The important point is that these are real results that were entered.
    You beat me twice in Hornet! I hate it when that happens. Now you got my no. 2 spot! I wanna playtest something cool, anything cook'in? Bob
    Neg rep back because you insulted me, not understanding my message, and that's supposed to be grown up ? Very pathetic.
    Dorosh doesn't neg me cuz we get along. Even Pitman & Portal won't neg me cuz I think they're afraid I could wreck their rep since I'm at 12,500. :D
    Yeah, but I'm looking a piss sheet from Youngstown (1994?) in 'Beyond the pak fronts' where your bounding fire T34 improbably crit'ed my concealed 8-0 with a radio (in Koresh's compound) ready to FFE1 a few of those Lee tanks. Just a little payback, there's more to come!!!
    Gary it was great to play you at ASLOK last year. I can tell that your a little rusty but your basic game is as solid as ever. I learned a lot! especially the artillery stuff, thanks!!
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