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    WW2 Bazooka vs Infantry in Woods

    The Baz had an incendiary round.
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    AP88 Full Moon Madness VC

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    The Agony of Doom, comments and AARs requested

    I've only played this once. Was the Russians and won. I don't remember much about it, except that lots of death all around.
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    ASL never was developed, would you still be playing SL?

    Yes, it is obvious that a post about a preference is a matter opinion, especially when followed by ‘IMHO’...which, literally, means In My Humble OPINION. But, thanks for the unnecessary as it may have been.
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    ASL never was developed, would you still be playing SL?

    Lots of GMT fans pad the ratings. Twilight Struggle is a very good game, but it's not a wargame and its not in the top 10 overall, IMHO. Gloomhaven is an ok game, it has rabid fans, but it has no depth of play and once you've completed the storyline there is very little replayability.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Gotta agree. The French are the side to play if your life depends on it.
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    Roll them bones?

    I almost always will take a shot no matter the odds if there is no malfunction possible and the firing unit is not likely to get a better shot.
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    Statistics Question

    P.S. I think Greenwood was the brains behind the final IFT...and ASL's IFT.
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    Statistics Question

    There ya go thinkin' again, Bob. Way too much analyzing for me during a game.
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    Statistics Question

    I tend to use risk analysis on the fly tactics. But, I also fly by the seat of my pants...what's a bloke to do?
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    Statistics Question

    I keep asking myself that.
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    Statistics Question

    What he said...It is very situational, like every decision in ASL. I now need to wash my mouth out for agreeing with Bob. ;) P.S. The articles Bishop linked are must reads for rules of thumb. Although, I think The Geometry of ASL by D. Haley is the best ASL article ever written.
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    Mtr fire against unknown unit

    It is in the rulebook, like so many other caveats, to prevent player omniscience from doing such things as shooting at upper levels looking for HIP units and just by 'coincidence' hitting that juicy target that's out of LOS in bypass along the back of the building.
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    How to become better at using AFVs in ASL?

    It's always in the most friendly way, Jim! I don't know if I'm the first to do that, but I saw the possibilities very early in my ASL career. Did that to Fish once during a pre-ASLOK game and got the Fish-grin/snort followed by the coveted 'Jick' moniker bestowed upon me post haste.
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    ASLOK Thoughts in the Age of Covid

    I assumed you were making a joke of some sort...was just responding in kind.