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  • Hi John.

    My apologize.. my computer decided to fry my motherboard and I've yet to finish to fix it from that. To be honest it was at a good time for me since I've been swamped with essays and presentations lately.
    Right now I'm trying to finish repairing my computer, the display is not giving me headach, after that is fixed I'll start playing again..

    J8 is worth the money, given the exchange rate it worked out @ $27AUD including shipping. A long way cheaper than it used to be.
    Thanks for the SK email buddy, just finished doing the Pre-Reg for ASLOK. I'm ordering a whole bunch of the Bounding Fire stuff over the next week - looking forward to that arriving as well
    Hey John,

    Check your PMs as I replied there to your visitor message....

    Hi John, just confirming that I can make it into Central railway station and will be waiting for you at the Hungry Jacks. (Can't get a reasonable priced ticket to the airport).
    Hi John, AP4 ordered from milsims yesterday, I'll have it all sorted by the time you arrive :)
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