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    Voluntary Rout and Concealment Loss

    The leader retains concealment unless he spends (rout phase) MPs in the LOS of a real enemy unit. The broken unit could low crawl into a non-open ground hex, in reference to the potential veiwer, and the leader retains concealment. That’s how I would play it.
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    What next?

    Yep, lots of reasons, one is being able to retain FTs and DCs. They don’t ELR have infantry smoke almost on demand and have very dense firepower. They also help in the refit phase to clear obstacles.
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    Hidden Gem Scenarios

    Far out baby !
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    Roadblocks and Road Vertices

    I think the road goes through A5 or GG5.
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    Losing Concealment.

    They drive up and peek in the window.
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    Would you rather be lucky or good?

    It depends whom I am playing against.
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    THH Banzai Options

    Jesse Owens and Louis Zamperini.
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    DM or Surrender

    I’m with ya Hongkong, as the board looks now nothing should happen, except the brokies should already be DMed. Sometimes I wonder if an answered question crosses the line to become a kibitz, I just want to help a little. ‘Kibitz’, that’s got to be Yiddish, lol.
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    DM or Surrender

    Because there is a alternate non-interdicted rout path (we just went though this a few months ago with that weird American rout in the woods) he could go through T8 to T7, take a interdiction or he could just Low crawl to T8. I remember making the point about an available 1st level to rout...
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    DM or Surrender

    unconcealed them ? The German is forced to rout/surrender during either RtPh. Looks like they should be DMed already.
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    Would you rather be lucky or good?

    Every time one rolls a ‘12’ that’s one roll closer to a ‘2’.
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    Would you rather be lucky or good?

    My estimate is, 20% of the competently played games, between a solid player and a excellent player, are decided by luck. It’s the 1-in-5 rule. Continuing, +-20% of the games with excellent play vs awesome play are decided by luck.
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    ASL Bell Tolls

    I was just looking at some texts between me and Coleman Quill, he always set me at ease. Kinda interesting, We’re ‘phone brothers’, his number was 721-7171 and my number 712-1717.
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    Rubbled Rowhouse question

    So, if I go around the black bar from a rubble to the building it’s +3 and if I go from building to rubble the vortex is -2.
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    Rubbled Rowhouse question

    Thanks for trying to explain. I need it to be stupid proof, crystal clear. Is the attack at the vortex a +3 or a -2 ?