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    A11.2 and A11.22 Infiltration During an Attempt to Withdraw From Melee

    Where did the German squad come from?
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    A11.2 and A11.22 Infiltration During an Attempt to Withdraw From Melee

    The German half squad is dead when the 2 is rolled.
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    MTRs vs AFVs?

    In the same game this also happened. This scenario included a giant German halftrack (sdkfz 7) towing a 88L, also a 10-2, 9-1, 6+1,crew, 4-4-7, and a radio inside. On this night drop scenario’s first turn a Russian ATR drifted into the hex of a Russian paratrooper squad who promptly picked it up...
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    MTRs vs AFVs?

    Matt Book and I were playing a Russian paratrooper scenario and on the drop turn the dm 82mm mortar landed (pure luck) in the same hex as the crew. We did a rare glance at the weapon notes and learned a new cool rule when we noticed the free one shot after/before it assembles/disassembles. So...
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    SPOTTING for 2 Mortars

    Whenever you declare indirect spotted fire.
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    SPOTTING for 2 Mortars

    How is it possible to direct indirect (oxymoron?) fire at a different target and call it the same target? Mortars target hexes.
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    How to become better at using AFVs in ASL?

    The basic TK # is calculated by using everything inside the box, A-D are outside the box. An Russian ATR at six hex range has a basic TK of 7, enough to mess with a panther.
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    ASL Player Ratings

    Thanks for all the work Doug ! How does one look at the list in order? Maybe I missed something, I just kept scrolling and scrolling.
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    ASL for Fun - Attack on Wiltz 7 (Preregistered Hex)

    The answer to your first question is yes.
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    BPV analysis...

    Low quality infantry on the bottom left of the chart are proportionately more variable off the norm. Any inconsistencies are kinda multiplied and makes them a great buy in most cases. A logarithmic chart would show this better. Not complaining, nice job.
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    Dinant CG (Dennis Brothers)

    It’s in the anti-cruising rules.
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    Abandon tank sleaze and "immobility"

    If you’re truly desperate drive one into a building and hope for a ‘6’ colored dice on the bog check to fall into the cellar. If your crew survives, it ain’t voluntary so it will be placed on the map and could control the building by a miracle sleaze play. My guess is Valhalla Bound.
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    ASLOK Thoughts in the Age of Covid

    That’s awesome, 135 mph gets the blood flowing, no tailgating !