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    Torpedoes again

    They found that a 45 degree attack was best, the Torpedo would detonate. 90 degree strikes tended to bounce and fizzle.
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    ASLOK 2019 photos

    Hell to Eternity and the ‘Pied piper of Saipan’ super hero Guy Gabaldon.
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    Handgun at ASLOK

    My old highschool wargame group called it ‘declaring civil disorder’.
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    Handgun at ASLOK

    My bad, I don’t do that anymore. Once I threw my dice at Mike Ziemetz. Luckily he ducked.
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    Removing (a bit of) luck from ASL

    Just accept that about 1/5 games of competent play is discided by luck entirely.
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    ASLOK 2019 photos

    Indeed, that was my initial impression ‘most Seussian’ , lol. Luckily that bounding die rolled right down the river.
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    ASLOK 2019 photos

    Gor Gor’s latest invention, it worked fine for our 2 games, I recall only one ‘skip out’.
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    Handgun at ASLOK

    There are police officers and federal marshals that play ( I’m not going to name drop but im kinda certain they all know each other) or a conceal carry that slipped up, I’d say we’re kinda safe. I had a Chicago cop roommate once who kept a loaded 38 in the night stand and let me know so I didn’t...
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    ASLOK XXXIV - Official TD AAR

    The second to last attack in the game was the coolest(for me I guess), in desperation my 9-2 directed the 9-1 with a lmg for a 2 -2 into the adjacent gully against 3 Russian 6-2-8 goons (getting ready to advance into the victory area and a probable victory for Bill) and rolled a snake eyes and...
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    ASLOK XXXIV - Official TD AAR

    Looking at Fish’s gear there got me a little verclempt and by the time my last game with Bill was over I was exhausted mentally and emotionally, literally broke down crying. I finally beat Bill and it took everything I had, pushed myself to new limits. lol. Thanks Brett and Bill for running a...
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    The British European Referendum

    Why don’t you guys just leave the EU and then quickly rejoin? Sounds like a good compromise to me.
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    Sry to Ask - but can a Vehicle setup at game start in a Stone Building?

    I like it better after the DR, that way you can be +3 and hull down. There other rules that allow choices after the DR is made.
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    Tournament rules at ASLOK?

    I’ve only had to demand to see a HIP sheet once and that was my own HIP sheet.
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    Which rule do you want to change?

    Patton~ “My men don’t dig foxholes. I don’t want them to. Foxholes only slow up an offensive. Keep moving. And don’t give the enemy time to dig one either.”