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  • Noticed you haven't been around in sometime, so just in case you ever log in you'll see this message. How ya doin?
    Well well well look what the cat brought in. How've you been? And yes I still play CM although not as much. School took up a lot of time and since summer has started I've gotten even busier but I still play. My latest playthough is here on a map I was creating until spring semester started: Hungarian Patrol I also have a bit of a long movie on youtube that records up to my current progress in the scenario's test: Hungarian Patrol Movie WIP 11min. That's the extent of my recent CM playing I have been busy with many other hobbies at the moment as well not to mention playing other games. If you're up for a round of PBEM let me know. I discovered that all the original CM games still work on my computer (can't play any of the new ones sadly) so if you're up for Normandy, Mediterranean, or the Eastern Front gimme a ring :)
    Good to hear from you, Wayne. I hope things are going well in your portion of the Great White North.
    Haha! Sorry, but everyone murders the language and I couldn't resist. I can understand when it is not one's first language, but all those born into and taught it should know better.
    For what it's worth. :)

    I lost your phone num ber. BUSY weekend! Send me your phone number to pwmoroz@shaw.ca, I will get it on my BB and then give you a call when I am in Toronto today... (passing through to Chicago).

    We can talk and get the params set up....


    yea...I've been hella busy since school ended. started playing soccer again, and low and behold SUMMER SCHOOL!!! yay :joy:...not lol. But yea...I'm trying to find time to play haha...fall semester is gonna be killer...but I'll be around...:smoke:
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