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  1. hoxson1
    God said “Let there be light.” Chuck Norris said, “Say please.”
  2. Tooz
    Tooz Vinnie
    Vinnie, just updated my thoughts on your new thread.
  3. ThePrimeMover
    Bend the rules but don't break them - a mantra that has kept me in trouble for decades...
  4. ZenRiver
    ZenRiver Zugführer
    Are you looking for Move-Adv counters that are specific to nationality in colour, or just two distinct colours that can be used for each team in play?
  5. Xavier 658
    Xavier 658
    Thanks but I don't have it anymore. If you are willing to wait a few weeks, I may have another 1 (last copy was sold for 200 €)
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  6. ThePrimeMover
    ThePrimeMover Xavier 658
    How much for? I will double it.
  7. Xavier 658
    Xavier 658
    Already sold, sorry!
  8. ThePrimeMover
  9. Lipka149
  10. Knowlarity Communications
    Knowlarity Communications
    Manage peak call like a pro. Super Receptionist gives you tools to handle up's and down's in your call volume.
  11. hayman
    hayman Westy
    Sorry Westy, I left you off the top of the 'Conversation' list.
  12. aneil1234
    aneil1234 rgrove
    Rgrove. Call me on Skype (aneil1234) or email. I will step you thru LOS and blind hexes in less than 30 minutes that you will get right EVERY single time

    I teach ASL and can have you LOS competent in moments
    So go on drop me a line mate
  13. ThePrimeMover
  14. Nostradumbass
    Getting back into ASL after year hiatus...I like to think of time as seasoning.
  15. bo_siemsen
    bo_siemsen Tom Morin
  16. Danish
    Kenneth Knudsen
  17. antiochuss
  18. Rubrik
    Alea iacta est
  19. cooljrunner
    cooljrunner gulliver62
    Hi Gulliver - I just posted re: KGP I and II. I have copies, but my maps and cards are in terrible shape, your posting sounds perfect for me. I'll take them if still available, my personal email and is the best way to reach me. Also let me know your payment preference - paypal, check, etc.

    Best - Jay
  20. James Taylor
    James Taylor Psycho
    What's the most interesting man in the world been up to lately?