1. WuWei

    VASLeague 2023

    Hello everyone! I'm in the process of preparing the VASLeague 2023. If you participated in the Ersatz VASLeague 2022 (and didn't ask me to remove you and didn't have too many forfeits), you will be automatically part of the VASLeague 2023. I will publish the list of participants soon. If you...
  2. Bret Hildebran

    ASLOK XXXVI - Official TD AAR

    Stopped by the hotel yesterday to check on how things were going under Wild Bill's watchful eye. The World Cup was all tied up at 2 apiece. 20-some were already through the door by Saturday afternoon. I counted 22 but probably missed a few in that count. Pre-Reg list has pushed to 97 and I...
  3. HistoryTablePod

    The Kansas City Summer Sizzler at HistoriKC Fest - July 30-August 1 - Overland Park, KS

    The 2021 Summer Sizzler is an all you can play ASL FEAST at HistoriKC Fest(July 30 - August 1st, Overland Park, Kansas) . Play as little as you like or as much you can stomach over the weekend. The winner of every ASL game will get to pull from a prize pool featuring all kinds of ASL, wargame...
  4. K

    XX Sissukoni 2018

    August 24-26th 2018 in Helsinki. Pohjolankatu 2. 00600 Helsinki. Fivr rounds Games start Friday 24th at 6 PM and end at Sunday 26th at 3 PM. This year the focus is on Finnish Front, but not solely. More information from Timo Kärnä ( or Mikko Lukkari ( See...
  5. btbroot


    In the effort of gathering Russian-speaking players (at least in Saint-Petersburg area) and bringing this community to some shape and linking it to the rest of the worldwide ASL network, we announce this new tournament is going to be held in SPb, Russia at January 27-28, 2018. The tournament...
  6. Tigleth Pilisar

    Alberta ASL Assault Tournament - November 17/18

    Check out the two training sessions and the Alberta ASL Assault Tournament that will be held at the Sentry Box in Calgary: Alberta ASL Assault Link Send any questions you have to Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested. See you there!
  7. Michael R

    My West Coast Melee experience

    My experience at the West Coast Melee was very enjoyable. The organizers did a great job to keep everything running smoothly. Their tournament format is unique and innovative. Thursday was an open gaming day. On Friday, they hold as many mini-tournaments as the number of attendees require. I...
  8. =FC=Gorgon

    Nor'easter XXI 2017 Boxborough, MA

    Yes, we all survived Nor'easter XX and another year has past. Nor'easter XXI is on the horizon for our annual Spring ASL fun! Due to popular demand, Nor'easter XXI will remain a 4 day event with the doors opening at 1000 EDT (1400 Zulu) Thu March 30th and run to Sunday April 2nd. See the end...
  9. Michael R

    The Canadian ASL Open (CASLO XX)

    The Canadian ASL Open May 19-20-21-22, 2016 Tentative Event Plan Open gaming all day Thursday. Two round ASLSK mini (for up to 4 players) Thursday afternoon and evening. Friday, 10 AM: early start CASLO round 1 with three scenario choices. Friday, 12:30 PM: regular start CASLO round 1 with...
  10. Michael R

    Photos from Saint Louis
  11. Michael R

    My photos from CASLO XIX May 15-17
  12. Michael R

    Photos from Nor'Easter XIX

    If you didn't see these already on FaceBook:
  13. K

    Sissukoni 2015

    Finnish ASL association Self-Rally Platoon is proud to announce that Sissukoni in 2015 is organized 21 - 23.8.2015 in Helsinki region. Stay tuned for more information.
  14. Michael R

    CASLA web site update

    The web site of the Canadian ASL Association has received a face lift. The only truly new content is the information for the 2014 Canadian ASL Open. You can however, read about past events going back to 2003, written by the various tournament directors, including Jim McLeod...
  15. Michael R

    Texas tournament coincidence?

    I received a call on my cell phone while driving today. I did not answer it. My phone shows the call as coming from Houston Texas. I'm in Montreal. I'm going to the Texas Team Tournament, so I'm wondering whether this was a simple wrong number, or if someone involved in the tournament was trying...
  16. M

    Alpenfestung V mini-ASL tournament in Switzerland in March or April of 2013!

    Dear fellow ASL players I would like to invite you to participate in the Alpenfestung V mini-ASL tournament this upcoming March or April. The concrete date will be arranged with the interested players. Let me know if you would like to come! (There will be only four players, so...
  17. Michael R

    CASLO XVI Photos

    I don't know if this will work. It is a link to a photo album on Facebook. The album is my photos from CASLO XVI in Winnipeg last month.
  18. S

    2012 Squad Leader Series Tournament (SL List repost)

    The 2012 Squad Leader Series Tournament is looking for players. If your interested in playing Squad Leader, follow the link to register... The tournament is open to players of all experience levels and gamettes of the series (SQL...
  19. Michael R

    My Nor'Easter rounds

    Round 1 versus Peter Struijf. I need to check my records, but Peter might be my first European opponent. I say he counts as European even though he recently relocated to Halifax. We played a tense, but nonetheless pleasant, game of FrF30 Bidermann's Escape. I bid Russian and Peter bid German, so...
  20. Count_Zero

    CyberASL Open Resurrected?

    Per a suggestion, I have posted this question out here. Is there interest in resurrecting a PBEM tournament similar to the one Cryophobia was doing? If so, how much? See discussion in THIS thread for background.