1. Khan-Dam

    Map VASL Breskins CG 1.1

    It's the Gif File from Costal Fortress Web Site Archive converted in dbFile for VASL + a CG Save file for loading all map in one time : bd files are stored in board directory open BreskinsCG.vsav et Hop Regards from France cheers
  2. Michael R

    Tell me how you cut your SK style maps in half

    I have duplicates, so I wish to cut the duplicates and use them when a half map is appropriate for a scenario. The question is how to cut them perfectly straight in exactly the right place.
  3. Michael R

    why double sided boards in AP6?

    After finishing a match of Far From Home (very enjoyable, BTW), I was putting away the maps and I noticed that the image is identical on both sides. As far as I can see, the only difference is the hex grid coordinates. I don't understand why the maps are that way. Could someone enlighten me? TIA.
  4. I

    Total Axis Pack I Terrain Question

    I recently bought TAP I on ebay. On the maps, there are some hexes with gray spots and others with what looks like a depiction of light woods. Are there any rules floating around in other products for these features? Does anyone know right off hand what these are meant to represent?
  5. Jo.B

    HexDraw released. DYO HASL Map

    HexDraw 1.0 released it is designed for creating a HASL map in a few hours. a Manual, ASL-terrain-library is included as well as this Sample-ASL-Map (*.hm file) The price for the full version is 45 $ A free trial version is available at: hope you...
  6. chris_olden

    SK boards for ASL scenarios?

    hey, Just curious if there would be a "problem" with playing ASL scenarios that used SK boards? Would it limit the "playability" of the scenario(s)? chris olden
  7. Pitman

    Location! Location! Location!

    This is a thread for complaining about terrain in ASL. There are a lot of things I don't like about how ASL renders terrain. I guess the biggest one is the stairstep nature of hills. Surely there can be a more naturalistic rendering of hills for ASL? It is so often so artificial. And...
  8. P

    maps - your comments welcome

    Guys, Great forum! I’d like to make some comments and ask some questions. I’m the guy that MMP currently contracts with to hand-paint geoboards and occasionally a HASL map or two. Projects which I’ve finished but which you haven’t seen yet include: - Valor of the Guards HASL - Normandy theme...