macrobo's asl reviews

  1. dlazov

    Retro Magazines?

    Anyone have any insight (feedback) on Critical Hit's Magazines called Retro Volume 1 through Volume 4? Are the scenarios (or articles worth the money or should I spend elsewhere)?
  2. macrobo

    Absolutely Fabulous - RV of The Tactical Wargamers Journal (1)

    Hi all I thought after having a great Read I would give some feedback to you all about this new Mag of Michael's It is a really well written and professional product -absolutely worth the money! Starts with a really Cool article on the history of Wargames - nice research There is then...
  3. macrobo

    Hold Your Horses - Special Operations Mag Does a Good Job! for ASL

    Hi All Either I am feeling controversial or I am needing to feel like a social worker and support the ASL NEWBIE but... I just read SPECIAL OPERATIONS Mag 2 and its GOOD FOR ASL :) (actually has taken me a while to find 30-40 mins but I think you and I might miss the point if you read the...
  4. macrobo

    Rally Point 26 - Cross of Gold is a Winner as a Game

    Dear All I enjoyed this Cross of Gold so much that I though a breif AAR would be warranted so that others may put it on their -"to play list" Setting - Late War - in a very crowded hilly village where the tanks use alot of MPs to get around and heaps of stone for the infantry to hide in...
  5. macrobo

    Operation Chariot - What a Fantastic Module

    Well Boys Prepare to drool...:smoke: It just got delivered Fresh From Cambodia - Much Closer to Aussie that France! :D Yes Operation CHariot :) Well For 150 Aussie Dollars - I thought This had Better be good and It Is!!!!:whist: - Really Xavier has done a fabulous job here and as a pack I...
  6. macrobo

    A Year OF ASL in 2009 - A Review Pt1

    THE INTRODUCTION AND EARY YEARS -2008 This was a Project I started Last Year It more just to do something that takes about a month and give me some pleasure and a break from my usual writing jobs Though fantastic resources exist that look at ASL or ASL recent releases – I thought that this...
  7. macrobo

    Absolutely Faboulous as ASL enters the MODERN AGE!

    Hi All I took the plunge and went electronic today with Dave Ramsay's ELECTRONIC SCENARIO PURCHASE! :D In less that 5 mins I had the best electronic copies I could ever want of the ledgendary ESG pack 1 stuff:clown: How Easy Was It - bloody easy! (Australian Slang May Offend and I am...
  8. macrobo

    Two Olden Goldies Really Are Hard To Put Down - the CH Reprint of Issue 1 and 3

    My CH issue 1 and 2 turned up last night and geez :)- for the new guys - really nice products and a good buy just for the endless, unable to put down, articles :smoke: I did have old ebay copies from the past and did read the articles but just to see them again reminded me of how nice these...