combat mission: normandy

  1. Scott Tortorice

    What should be my Christmas Game for 2013?

    It's not Christmas without a new toy under the tree...or on the HDD. With that in mind, which should I pick as my Christmas Game this year? Usually, it is "Christmas Games" because there is so much to pick from, but 2013 was such a lousy gaming year that one game is more than enough. :D...
  2. Scott Tortorice

    Status Update

    Hot off the presses: I hate being teased like this. :) Since the manuals won't be back from the printers before next Friday, and they still have to work through a final release candidate and gold master, figure May 16 for release?
  3. T

    Combat Mission: Normandy, continued

    Noting that the last official CM:N thread has been closed, I suggest that we start a new one. I want to kick it off with the non-specific statement that update speed on CM beta versions has increased significantly since the release of the NATO module. Best regards, Thomm
  4. KG_Jag

    Free Beer for Dale Countdown...

    Just over three weeks left and it's looking very likely that Elvis will be buying beer for Dale. That leads us to the key question: will Dale share his beer with his Game Squad buddies?
  5. H

    Official CMN Release Date Betting Pool.

    Pick your date for the release of CMN. First come first serve. You can only choose once. You can only select a static three period date: ie 01/09/2015. The winner will receive a free copy of the game and a bag of Doritos... from Elvis. Since its my thread, I get to go first. My pick...
  6. KG_Jag

    Clue to Current State of CMN and Release Date

    From Steve in post #21: "The implementation of the unit purchase system was our last major coding task. There's still a lot of coding work to do, but we are moving ahead with "real" scenarios and the campaign construction probably sometime next week. What does that mean in terms of...
  7. Geordie

    CMN is not to be called Normandy

    Seems like they decided on the name a while ago but wont release it until nearer the time. Maybe its not going to be set in Normandy for the whole time? This would make that Tiger more plausible. CM to the Rhine? This could get around the whole Bocage thingy too. Although they did state...
  8. Redwolf

    Progress. Things are looking up.

    Thinks are really looking up. The status of FoW on foxholes has changed to "most likely" and some hack to protect heavy weapons (AT guns etc) in there in initial positions seems to be definitely in, in dependently of the foxholes (a non-foxhole hack for guns, basically). In addition to...
  9. Michael Dorosh

    The difference between foxholes and slit trenches

    Matter of terminology; slit trenches were what British and Canadian troops called foxholes. From INFANTRY TRAINING 1937, how to dig a revetted and unrevetted slit trench. And a photo:
  10. H

    Tip toe, through the hedgerows...

    Who here is really interested in playing more than a few hedgerow scenarios? For me, I cannot see my interest in this last very long as it is not the glamorous, mobile and more open face of world war II that is craved by gamers (although not by historians). Secondly, if we are to generate a...
  11. Geordie

    How does CM-2 and Modules work?

    A long while ago we were told by BFC that the CM-2 engine would be able to do a lot more than its predecessor. Any kind of game could be hung from the CM-2 bones, fleshed out in no time and published. Now, when we should be seeing the CMN game coming out this summer (according to BFC...
  12. Michael Dorosh

    Depiction of foxholes in CM: Normandy

    Starting a new thread on this because anyone searching for this topic later would have a hard time finding it in thread called "uh oh" From Steve:
  13. Palantir

    CMN- deal busters?

    Some place someone commented "just because CMN is missing "X" (one little thing) won't stop me from buying it." So, exactly how many "little" things WILL it take to be missing from or wrong with CMN to make it a no-buy for you? So far, IIRC, we have US troops only (UK etc in a later...
  14. Michael Dorosh

    How should BFC promote CM: Normandy?

    Great post by Zwolo2003 at BFC. I really liked the marketing campaign that Panzer Command did, too, actually, which had a downloadable Google Earth map with all the campaign locations right loaded up so you could see the real-world locations and the scenario write-ups, plus the front line for...
  15. Michael Dorosh

    CM Normandy screenshot released

    This was released in BFC's self-congratulatory 10th anniversary propaganda spiel today.
  16. Palantir

    CMx2 will be:

    What will CMX2 Normandy be? 1. Completely new & great! 2. Like CM:SF, what a mess. 3. CMX1 with all the goodies. 4. In need of major, major patches. 5. Nothing we want. 6. Seen in 2010, maybe.
  17. Michael Dorosh

    Some things CM: Normandy Will Need To Be Able To Do

    From Battle Royal: A History of The Royal Regiment of Canada 1862-1962 by Major D.J. Goodspeed. Just one account of actual fighting in Normandy. (I'll leave you all in suspense as to how it turns out, but I suspect you can figure out who wins for yourself. ;) ) Some points suggested by this...
  18. H

    What exactly has been released about CMx2 Normandy by BFC so far?

    Has their been an official BFC comment on the release, what it will be about and any information provided to what the game will conist of yet? Cheers! Leto
  19. Michael Dorosh

    Why micromanagement in a company-level game is not desirable

    From The Bloody Battle For Tilly by Ken Tout: The game player has perfect knowledge that the infantryman on the ground doesn't. While Allied soldiers eventually learned that you could pick off a Goliath with rifle rife, the soldier with the PIAT obviously didn't know that. If you want to...
  20. KG_Jag

    CM: Normandy & Family--More About What's In

    In a post tonight Steve tells us a bit about what will be in the game(s): Some quick comments, though you guys have to understand that I've got to keep some stuff vague for now since we never want to say something is "in" until we are sure there are no last minute hiccups. Things that I can...