combat mission: normandy

  1. Michael Dorosh

    Combat Mission: Normandy will not have FOW for entrenchments

    Per the Derek Smart comparison, more on Steve's discussions at his own forum, this time with regard to entrenchments, and the problem that trenches and bunkers are visible to both sides from the moment any scenario starts in the new game engine...
  2. Michael Dorosh

    Germans Just The Same As Everyone Else in Combat Mission

    From this thread by Steve today Any reactions? Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I see some room for discussion on these points. Squad Level The German infantry squad trained to use the LMG as the primary weapon of destruction of the enemy. The "sharpest shooter" (this is the...
  3. Michael Dorosh

    Stop the charade - abandon WEGO in CMX2 Normandy

    I suggested at another forum that BFC should abandon WEGO in Combat Mission Normandy altogether and spelled out a few reasons why I think so. Hard to make one's self heard wherever their beta testers gather though, as you've identified: So...
  4. KG_Jag

    Moon Says that CM x 2 Normandy Coming in 2009

    Ahh--but when in 2009? Here's a link to his post (#3) at the Battlefront forum:
  5. KG_Jag

    CM x 2 World War II

    While a few anxiously await the release of the Marines module for CMSF, most of us around here are more interested in the pig in the python: CM x 2 World War II. What changes, if any, would it take to CM x 2, as seen in the currently patched version of that engine as seen in CMSF, for you to...
  6. KG_Jag

    Battlefront Reveals Course of CM x 2--Including WW II

    Here's the post from April 8, with spell check and some emphasis added: Posted by (Member # 42) on April 08, 2008 11:49 PM: "The question many of you have been asking as of late is "where does Battelfront go from here?" now that v1.08 is out. Well, that's a valid question...
  7. Redwolf

    Interesting threads on CMx1, CMx2 and scale problems

    The CM:SF forum is unusually active with high-quality threads on scale choices: Immersion:;f=52;t=004065 CMx1 to CMx2:;f=52;t=004082;p=1#000014 Frustrations...
  8. KG_Jag

    CM x 2 WW II Eastern Front Tease

    Will it by Normandy (plus "x" number of modules in 2008) and then 1944 on the Eastern Front (plus "y" number of modules in 2009)? Maybe--here's Steve today on the Battlefront forum: "Posted by (Member # 42) on December 16, 2007 04:38 PM: Hi Kip, Sorry, no timeline...