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  • Maybe it was the old hotel in Cleveland then. Certainly you smell better than the 150+ guys who have showered less and weigh more.

    Really, really hoping to put in a showing in 2012 even if the Swedes don't show. Been too long away from ASLOK.
    "Can't recal you smelling worse than the other 150+ guys."

    You either A) got there late, B) met me later in the week or 3) are hard of smelling like me. ;)
    Will, It's almost always memorial day weekend in May. Weekend of May 28-31 in 2010.
    Thanks. It was good seeing you - I'd like to get out there earlier so I can hang a bit more during the week. I think you had the unfavored side in that scenario - I really had to **** it up to make it a contest vs Guy. I think it's fun for both sides but the Germans sure do have a lot to work with. It would have been great to play you in the semi or final! Oh welll - I'm already looking forward to next year!

    I've almost finished painting with varnish. Geez, it's boring...Tomorrow I'll post some German examples. I don't know, though, do I have to rinse counters after coating, or is it unnecessary?
    Aw heck, I've did it twice... Germans look a bit of darker than usual. But in stylish flat.

    That's good I've only punched SK, that's about "only" 500 counters. I think I'll do now the rest with regular 2 on front and 3 on back - I'll post some pics when I'll finish.

    Thank you for info.
    Oh, one more thing - how many coats have you used on individual counter? One on each side, or more?
    Not even close to 100%. Have more movement in my arm & hand but still unusable. My leg is about the same or a little worse but I can still walk without a cane. It's a long road but when I think back to where I was (about a month after the stroke) just a year ago, I could barely walk again and arm/hand didn't work at all. Still got a ways to go. :thumup:
    "Best if both sides leave it that way and let people live their lives."

    :clap: Both sides are full of sh1t.
    I tried once again to download your friendship request. Still no go. I'm going to try it the other way around then.
    Will, Hello.
    I can't beleive I ran into your name. I live in Tokyo, just started playing ASLSK. Then I posted on a Yahoo message board for ASL players in London for the sake of keeping up international relationships, and they mentioned your name. I didn't think I would run into you like this. Funny.
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