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  • Great to meet and play you. I hope we can manage a game again, and have some beers too. Hope your cold is on the ebb.
    Hi JR

    I got a long AAR by phone from Bo yesterday, it sounded like a great scenario..and with a lot of crazy things going on. And a tight ending, well.... can't be much better :)
    Bo has become a very good player, a challenge to play and a very good friend. We often go to tournaments together - just booked the plane tickets for Arnhem tournament in September yesterday :)
    We have talked about ASLOK often, and it is just a question off time before we will attend. The main issue for me is ..money :) Kids are 14 and 16 and are quite expensive these years...but I have a plan - and this would bring us to ASLOK in 2013 -
    together with Lars Thuring and Klas Malmstrom. Hope it works out :)
    my new mail is ; hastrupleth@gmail.com
    best regards

    Checking in on Mark's blog on CSW for the first time in months and I came across this: "Good point - around the Milky Way, Earth is known as The Graveyard of Intergalactic Empires."

    J119 Sovkhoz Haystacks
    I just wanted to say thanks for helping out with playtest of scenario - very appreciated.
    Ola Nygårds
    Gratz on another great showing. I wished I had won my last meaningful game so I could have gone against both Pleva and you, but I probably should have lost 2-3 before that. Always a chance some other year tho. :)
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