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    CyberVASL XI

    Jason Burnette (German) vs Will Fleming (Russian) in VotG27 "Drama, the Park, and Deadly Things" was close, but the dice took over with me getting 3 CH and Jason rolling a lot of high DR on his morale checks. Probably too much to be overcome. Russians (Will) get the win. Seems like a decent...
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    Auto updates

    I am glutton for punishment--until I can't take it anymore. Way too many upgrades to the alpha/beta early and while it might work for a while, things can break easily while the developers are doing their updates. I actually like tweaking and playing with stuff and doing reinstalls (now and...
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    Need LINUX help

    Using that, I can double click on vlog/vsav files and VASSAL brings up VASL (or Paths of Glory if for that game)!
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    Need LINUX help

    OK, I had to do a reinstall of Fedora (30 in this case). I hope I got the steps correct, but there could be some mistakes or missing things as I had to try a few things and GOOG a lot to fill in the blanks. Bold is just comments or locations, colored text goes into files (blue) or run as a...
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    VASSAL not compatible with java v9?

    Well, this is some good news. I hope this frees up the creative types to take advantages of the underlying updates to Java/etc. Looking forward to it and happy to help test (by playing). :)
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    FT269 SSR

    Says that British units cannot voluntarily move until some condition is met. Can they "advance" voluntarily?
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    VASL Extension for Four-Dice roll?

    F1 anyone?
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    Residual FP vs partially armored vehicle

    It looks like it has to be from a specific direction to affect the vehicle (as per a firelane possibly)? 'Normal' residual FP does not affect the crew or the partially armored vehicle? Partially Armored Vehicle (This unit is treated as an armored target unless specifically attacked through a...
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    VASL PTO SK Maps

    Great news.
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    From the Cellar # 9

    Finally have my copy on the way!
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    Hacker Windows?

    No issues for me. I surf with an ad-blocker which probably helps. Like the others, my guess is that it is his PC and not this site. Good to see we have Jazz looking out for us though!
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    APCR (ASL Player Comparative Ratings)

    Pretty sure Aaron can incorporate the data at the present state of things. The main thing is don't lose the data, but you can probably contact him via PM here and he will get back to you. :)
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    2019-2020 Deluxe VASL League

    J123 "Charging Chaumont" I gave the balance the Germans (Gene) to play the Americans.
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    2019-2020 Deluxe VASL League

    Thanks gents. Think we have it now. No way to turn hedges into barbed wire fences? Also, the board g roads stayed dirt and not paved for me. Still pretty good.
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    New program to help set up VASL scenarios

    Thanks. I will update this and try it out in the next week or so.