Elite Dangerous: Living on the Edge III

Scott Tortorice

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Nov 18, 2003
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The shadows
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When last I wrote, I had set Fitzcarraldo down on planet 1F of Pleiades Sector LS-T C3-12 for a night's rest. Fortunately, no space bugs confronted me overnight. So, I decided to deploy the SRV again and take a look around.

As with Hades Sector YJ-Z B5 5, this planet was just another featureless ball, albeit it did have some more interesting terrain.

I motored around a bit. But for finding a mineral outcropping, which I mined for a souvenir, there was little to note. I left.

Mineral outcropping
I was now very close to my destination. The Pleiades Nebula filled my cockpit.

Two jumps to go! First, Asterope, and then my long awaited destination, Merope!

Despite my fears about some last minute disaster striking me from out of the void, I made it! I was at Merope! I had no idea what to expect, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover about three moon bases and one orbital station, called Reed's Rest.

I certainly needed a rest, so I headed to the station. What a welcome sight it was to my eyes. Safety, at last!

The best welcome mat I had seen in a long time!

I was expecting a rustic station but was pleasantly surprised to discover a high tech station. Way out here? Go figure.

I was a relief to touch down. Safe. At last. Well over 300 light years to get here!

If I had to dive any deeper I might have gotten the bends!

Down to business. First thing I did was cash in all the exploration data I had collected. I got a nice surprise:

Just short of 850,000 Wulongs! See? It paid to upgrade my ship to an Asp Scout and fill her full of survey equipment! Nice payout for about three days worth of work.

Another nice surprise: I got a promotion from the pilot's federation! My exploration rank was now "Surveyor."

Time to upgrade the graphics on my hull!


I also added some explorer graphics to the flanks.

Now I am off to find me my meta-alloys!
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