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    Runway Incursion

    I think, from what little I know about ground control type things, that the tower was likely thinking the light plane was also at the end of the runway, not part-way down. Telling it to taxi out (after the bigger plane) and take position makes some sense. So long as it delays a bit for the...
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    Runway Incursion

    If I'm following it correctly, the tower told the small plane to enter the runway and take a position prepared to take off. "N409DR, Charlotte tower, 18L position and hold, traffic landing 23" tells the small plane to get on runway 18L and hold position (I think) and alerts the pilot to traffic...
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    Are almost all celebrities brain dead, or is it all of them?

    I think the bright lights do something to their brains...
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    Super Bowl XLIX: Colts vs. Saints

    Not that I care much, nor did I watch either of the games this past weekend... (So my vote is option 3 - who cares?) But it sounds like the Saint's just might win it based on luck alone. (If it's a repeat of last weekends games.) The Colt's may have a very good track record, but IIRC so did...
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    The Book of Eli

    I played hookey to go watch a matinee on opening day. I second Don's advice, just go see it.
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    The Definitive Phantom Menace Review

    You know those bargain basement replicants come with expiration dates, shouldn't his have passed already? What is it, four years tops?
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    The Book of Eli

    Almost here... I'm wondering if I should schedule opening night with the guys (I suspect the wife won't be interested), or just cut from work to see a matinee and avoid the crowds.
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    I haven't seen it yet, but I was involved in some "post movie" banter with some gamers that have. We reached a general consensus that the Earth forces that will reply to the destruction of the initial forces, won't show up lightly, nor will they be any kinder or gentler to the natives... the...
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    Does CGI Ruin Movies?

    I agree to some degree, but I think the passageways and open areas were a bit too big in some places. Spaceships should be every cubic meter at a premium, along the lines of a submarine, or at the very least a surface vessel trying to squeeze every last ounce of cargo space from the whole hull...
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    ULTRAMARINES - The Movie!!!!

    They would probably make a killing if they got the DVD into their own supply chain, as well as regular stores. Using the same production company as Bionicle shouldn't be too much of a stretch, we are talking about two toy companies... Lastly, I know the stories for the space marines are...
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    2009 NFL postseason predictions

    Blah blah blah, football <of either variety or baseball/basketball/hockey/cricket/etc.> Can't you guys see this place is for political arguments and name calling! You should get your own sports sub-forum and stay out of the pub!!!! (It's a good thing I'm typing, because I couldn't have said...
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    Does CGI Ruin Movies?

    Other than powerguns are more like lasers than gunpowder weapons, I would enjoy seeing any of the Hammer's Slammers novels done to the SPR or BoB level. You might have to CGI out the wheels/treads of the hover-tanks/-jeeps, but they are worthy of doing in film. Or a novel called Armor by John...
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    The Book of Eli

    Q#$%@#$%@#$ I just watched until the end of the trailer, I gotta wait till January for it... (I hadn't caught that part on the TV commercials.)
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    The Book of Eli

    Who says the book he's carrying isn't an instruction manual for a GECK? :devious:
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    Blade Runner - the definitive version

    I'm tempted to get the special edition, but don't see the point in paying for that and a new blu-ray player to watch it. Maybe just the DVD special edition then... Or go dust off the directors cut version I've got in the garage. One other thing I'd like to add is that the book (as usual) has...