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  • It's the poor logic that really irritates me.

    KC shooter is a good guy because he's killed some doctor performing legal abortions. (Totally ignoring the political intent.)

    Ft. Hood shooter must be a terrorist because he's a Moozlim (or however tater misspells it). With no more evidence of political intent.
    "You're looking for a liberal scapegoat, because we Republicans who typically side with business and banks, don't want to take any blame for deregulating the banks and investment houses."

    We? You're not fooling anybody, liberal! :angry:
    Thanks for the rep.. I thought there was something good in the what-if, but we can argue that out once the loonies have been finally smacked down
    "I know why he's a liberal... he disagreed with you over something..."

    snicker snicker
    Then my nagging suspicion was correct that I was mistaken on the topic.

    The BV3 reprint has been a frequent topic for discussion. Old news for the long time participants here. The arguments for and against the reprint schedule have been rehashed like clockwork. Portal or Holst asks the question then they are trolling. FNGs are probably asking because they want to know (unless the old farts think you're an alternate login... ;) ) Unfortunately, that usually opens the door for the recriminations and questioning of MMP's business practices, thus even a well intentioned question will lead to a re-ignition of a flame war.

    Dorosh has a history of taking a side in an argument just to continue the argument, almost as if he were on a debate team. (That's just my "pigeonhole" for Dorosh when it comes to arguments.) He's also done some historical posts that were quite interesting, and generally behaves himself outside of arguments.
    Dear Pward:

    Your memory may be faulty. My first posts were all clustered around the re-release of BV3. I was: a) excited to finally get a copy without selling plasma first; and b) a little aggravated that I had to wait well over a year for a reprint of ASLRB2. The only "controversial" things I have ever done/posted were related to that frustration.

    I may be a little long-winded, but even Mr. Dorosh and Mr. Pitcavage have not cornered that market, to my knowledge.
    Continued... (after a 30 second delay.)

    When I first logged in, Holst was doing the "guess who I am" game with a new ID every so often, and I was accused of being one of his alternate logins... basically for asking "what did he do?"

    That being said, and knowing my stance on "being in the know" (MMP threads)... I would only be certain if you showed up to Winter War for the ASL tourney in February. It's in Champaign/Urbana and is a good time. The rest of the convention gets some laughs sometimes from the ASLers who don't roleplay, but we've got a room to ourselves generally away from the rest of the convention. (Ok, who doesn't laugh at a scrawny teen dressed in "tinfoil armor" waving a painted stick as a light saber... Or having to play ASL on a cocktail table. Even better that both happened in the same year.)
    My best description (and why I like GS) is that the main ASL forum has the atmosphere of a convention or tourney playing room. You will crack jokes and poke fun at old friends, kid a bit with the new found opponent across the table, but generally behave yourself.

    Perfect example is Psycho frequently mentioning pop-tarts, or constant references to the Jazz-Sleeze. Sort of inside jokes that have to be explained every so often to the new guys.

    To be brutally honest, at first I also thought you were an alternate for Dorosh. Your initial foray (as I recall it) was in direct support for something he was carrying the torch for. (If I'm not mistaken he was taking issue with my parenting to Portal, but I'm getting that nagging feeling again that I'm mis-remembering the topic.) Up pops the new guy who appears to take the generally unpopular (definitely IMO) side of a discussion that has a whole lot of history around here.

    See next post because of 1000 character limit...
    Thanks for the message and rep. You are the only "long-term" member besides MD to even acknowledge that I exist.

    Gamesquad has a terrible reputation in the larger gaming community, but it didn't really bug me in theory. Now that I'm here, I don't know what the he** to think. It's like some twisted version of Survivor. Instead of people being "voted off the island," it's an endurance variant in which every grudge, perceived slight, or whatever gets carried over to the next season...indefinitely...
    "Psycho will have more "strength of character" (I can't really say that with a straight face, but imagine I did...)"

    :bite: me
    Psycho, you and I have been on the same page regarding Portal's antics for quite some time.
    "I'm not telling MMP what to do, I'm telling Portal how much of an ass he is for behaving like he does."

    Ed Zachry! :clap:
    Oops, my bad. I suck at remembering names there Fez. Especially with movie (or book) characters I haven't seen in a while.
    I can't use the GS chat rooms, though, because I don't use Java. Can you tell me which IRC server and chat channel the GS chat rooms use? Perhaps I can connect that way via my Trillian service.

    The HarpGamer chat room is on #harpgamer.

    If you don't mind, grab the little utility:

    I can show up any time in that chat room if you tell me when. They have a 'no lurk' policy, so I only show up when told to. I am at GMT -7 and can be there whenever it is convenient for you.
    Wouldn't object to a chat, how about here in the chatroom(s) provided on GS.

    I've got a yahoo and MSN account, but haven't used them in so long it's not even funny. I'm not even sure I still have the software installed on my machine at home.

    For VASL play I use Skype, or the chat space here is available...
    Interested in doing an online chat about Harpoon?

    I use Yahoo, MSN, and IRC.

    "And the idea that the IIFT "feels better" holds about as much weight as using that reason to not use a condom... It does feel better, but it changes the odds involved...:smoke:"

    Excellent! :clap: Can't rep again so soon. :nada:
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