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  • Thanks for setting me straight on the frozen stream = dry stream nuance. You do myself (obviously mentally challenged) and our hobby a great service. Tanks!
    Hi Klas,

    How can I purchase a copy of the Latest DTF-2 ASL Zine? It was released at ASLOK XXXV, however, I could not attend.
    looks like it has been awhile since I was last on here...anyhow I have a big SASL question if you could help.....it is about whether a suspect counter gets activated by a unit landing by parachute? So un-cloaked in air prior to landing...but maybe "not known" either... Also does a para drop counter possibly "activate" a suspect in SASL? ???
    Considering all the rules questions I post, and that you often answer, I would find it very helpful to see your recent posts updated on my homepage. Thanks again for all the time you spend helping others understand this beautiful, yet complex game!
    Didn't you used to have a link to the Q and A site you keep tabs on, said link used to be like in your personal footer in you post? I have a v.6 downloaded, but wonder if there was update?



    You can post my collection of Q&A, or put in a PDF - what ever you 'd like.

    Hej Klas!
    Tack för sist. Trevligt hos Robert. Din emailadress har försvunnit från min lista kanske den är concealed?
    Hoppas allt är bra med dig. Vi syns i K-hamn.


    Please take a look at the LOS and Wall thread when you get a chance - I think this is a no-brainer but apparently it's not as obvious as I thought. Thanks,

    So, did you have any luck hunting last weekend...??? Bring some dried reindeer/elk/moose to go with the aquavidit next time...
    Maglica smells like an old hobo threw up on a dead, rotten skunk that's been lying in the Summer sun.
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