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    Dummy Stacks and AP Mines

    Then your Dummy stack is eliminated. A12.11: "...Before announcing any mine attacks exposed by the movement of a stack topped by a “?”, the DEFENDER may force the ATTACKER to momentarily reveal a non-Dummy unit in that stack to show that an actual force exists there. If he cannot, or if the...
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    Smoke SSR?

    It is Weather is Mud that prohibits SMOKE, not EC.
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    Minimum Damage to Marines in BR:T

    IMO, it is not only a question of demand - e.g., re-doing BRT would incur a lot of work as everything in it pretty much has to be re-done from scratch, re-laid out, proofed, etc. It would suck up a lot of ASL resources - perhaps more that it would be worth to MMP.
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    A23.3 DC placement by CX MMC/leader

    Not is is not - but Setting one is. For the attack, it is resolved just any any other attack vs a moving stack - all units subject to the PTC take the PTC - leaders first. If the squads stays unpinned the DC is operably placed.
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    Captured Vehicles

    Pretty sure it is deployed - i.e., one HS jumps in, one remains outside. The presence of MG does not determine whether it is armed or not - it depends on whether it has an inherent crew. From the Index: Armed (any Personnel unit is Armed unless currently represented by an Unarmed counter...
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    SP265 Errata?

    I've read several of the articles in SP that did not conform 100% with the scenario. My guess was always that the article was written before the final version of the scenario was completed.
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    C8.5 SMOKE in DFPh

    I don't consider using a vehicular Smoke Dispenser as "firing" Smoke though. E.g., one can use that after other DFF attacks - which incidentally is true for a MOL-P as well.
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    C8.5 SMOKE in DFPh

    What should have been done (to make this "change" more official) - IMO - is that errata should have been issued for C8.6 - adding something like what A23.6 says: "any friendly fire phase (or Defensive First Fire)".
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    Routing at night...... is there way to KILL the SOB

    I think the clarification on page E26 might have allows routing from ADJACENT to ADJACENT: E1.54 A DM broken unit/stack wishing to rout at night may do so only by using Low Crawl [EXC: an Inherent crew abandoning its vehicle; see E1.54]. If marked with a No Move counter it may still Low Crawl...
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    C8.5 SMOKE in DFPh

    Not SMOKE - only WP, and (per the Q&A) only before any non-WP Defensive First Fire has taken place. Yes. In this regard - not at all - they are two different phases.
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    C8.5 SMOKE in DFPh

    The Q&A clarifies (although I think it actually changes the rules) as fire during the enemy's MPh (i.e., as defensive first fire) is not during a fire phase.
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    Looks to me that jrv still thinks it is a multi-hex building, as he wrote: "I would be inclined to say that a multi-hex building remains a multi-hex building,..."
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    Walking Down a Path in the Woods.

    It might have been something that was introduced in the text in the 2nd Edition, due to this official Q&A: B13.4212 & B13.43 May Infantry/Cavalry enter woods by using an existing TB in that hex? A. Yes. The cost for Infantry to do so is 1-1/2 MF, while that for Cavalry is 3 MF. [Gen26.5; An91...
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    Walking Down a Path in the Woods.

    <cough, cough> :) B13.4212: " Infantry expend 1½ MF and Cavalry expend 3 MF to enter woods via a TB...."
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    Inexperienced Infantry use red To Hit Numbers?

    I don't have access to the Elst Chartz at the moment. However, note that on the SK Charts it is usually referred to as the "final number needed to hit" - so it does not always translate directly into ASL's red TH# (which is a Basic TH#), IIRC.