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  • Do you need a roomie for Bitter Ender? I already booked a double room for the 11th to the 15th.
    You going to Bitter Ender? I think I am going to come on down for it. Any problem if I show up with just my dice and rule books?
    Hey Jeff, Glade you liked the Wunderfaffe counters. Sheri, I, and the girls really enjoyed Charleston. So much so that we have discussed moving there.

    Hope to see you at the ASL Open in Chicago in April or in Champaign, IL in February.
    Jeff- it's John, not Jim. You may not remember, we had a very tight game of Blackjack is Back last year. I am going. I don't think Andy is. See you there! Maybe we'll get a game in.

    Hey brother, contact me when you get a chance at
    Believe it or not, but our conversation in the bar had far reaching impact. My research top is Operation Forager, which also has great ASL potential.

    Hi Jeff,

    I too am retired and living in Okinawa as a DoDDs school teacher. I ran across your name in this forum and sent you the email. I was not even sure it went and then did not know how to check to see if you replied until I discoved that technique today. I am glad you are doing well. Perhaps we will run across each other for a scenario or two!

    S/F, Kevin
    Hey, do you remember playing ASL in Okinawa back in 2001 or so? If so, I was one of your opponents. Where are you now?
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