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    RB7 The Red House Set-up

    I’m requesting assistance in finding a previous thread or past experience understanding how set up works in this Night scenario.Is cloaking used, do the Germans get HIP/additional concealment, etc? Thanks/Jeff
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    We Have Lost Another One

    Keith, I’m sorry to hear about your brother. Please accept my condolences.
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    How did you get your start into War games?

    My friend bought Squad Leader in’82, he was 12 and I was 13, and we played Guards Counterattack. It’s been my obsession ever since.
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    The best HASL scenario?

    Agreed, if I had to narrow it down to two HASL scenarios, Stoumont the Break In and A Legend is Born from BRT are the two I have enjoyed playing the most. The narrative from those games was like reading a tactical history on those actions. Ironically, I lost both of them.
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    The best HASL scenario?

    My favorites to date: Missed one
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    New guy from New Orleans checking in

    Welcome aboard Eric. How deep in the south? I'm in the Charleston, SC area.
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    Best Scenario in Kampfgruppe Scherer

    I’m partial to Red Army Day. Reclamation is a close second.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I've played 47 ESG scenarios, all from packs 1-8, without pre-consideration of whether the specific scenario was balanced or not. My average 'enjoyment' rating for ESG scenarios, while slightly below my personal overall average, is still acceptable. There are some woofers in there, but overall...
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    Objective Schmidt on VASL?

    Thanks for the feedback. Rick, yes it applies to MMP. Got burned on KWASL and no VASL. I’m not sure why the VASL development is volunteer vice compensated, I’m sure there’s a reason and it might even be a good one. A finished ASL product in today’s world needs to be VASL accessible at release...
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    Objective Schmidt on VASL?

    Yep. I won’t preorder another BFP product unless it is advertised to be released with a VASL module. They are good, but if I can’t play them why waste the money.
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    Hatten In Flames available for pre-order

    Prior to packing? How do you know?
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    Looking for an ASL game near Camp Lejeune, NC 13-16 August

    I will be working on Lejeune next week. Anyone local interested in an evening game at my hotel or elsewhere? R/Jeff
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    Hitting the (LC) Beach at ASLOK.

    Wrapping up my summer vacation tomorrow. I will start working my preps on Monday. R/Jeff
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    Oh, what a Wonderful Game........

    I think the term is Moobs