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  • "I find this rationalization of your team's failure very interesting..."

    I hope I've repped you up in "low humour" thread, system crashed the second I did it. Anyway, that was a good one :)
    500th Post. That was very kind of you to rep me for this bench mark, 'though I did not know it was one. Thanks again.
    Hey Glenn, what's up? Jeff Waldon and I are playing "The Fast, The Slow and The Doomed" on Sunday and I have a question. The Germans have a Road Bound Force. Does that mean they must stick to the road or can they move about freely?
    Tried to rep you for this but the forum wouldn't let me. I hope that this doesn't mean no more getting together! :)
    All told it is opinions, and nothing more. I hope you don't take my posts personally, though I don't like being considered a "sucker" for collecting the way I do, you are entitled to your opinion,I would hope others are also. By the way, does this mean I can't PT for you anymore? ;-)
    Take care my ASL brother, sincerely, sucker.
    Not sure they were kind words, just the truth. I have played few of your scenario's so far from the ESG's packs but the few I have played have been good and fun (it's always a winner when you have a good time even when you loose). I have yet to ROAR but always do. Thanks goes to you and the rest of the bunch
    "Nothing more than the usual: water molecules pushing and shoving each other out of the way in their frenzy to stay as far away from you as possible."

    Buttmunch! :angry:
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