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    How far do you sub type a terrain type?

    Nick, If it is impotant to your game play that there are two clearly different types of effects for your scrub I would go with your idea of Type 1 medium scrub and Type 2 medium scrub. regards Gary
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    AATF Databases

    Hi z1812 As Pat said earlier the databases are all stand alone, each with its own assocciated graphics and sounds. If you install all of the ATF series and AATF into one file you can use any "One" database to build a new scenario. The other option is to save a selected database with a new...
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    Post your best results from AATF: JRTC 02 Scenario Here!

    JRTC 2 in 19mins. 1 Apache lost and 61 friendlies on the objective. Curt I used your new database for this one.
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    Star & Crescent: Adding Vehicles & Modifying Scenarios

    Dave, The databases that ship with the ProSim simulations are protected. To make modifications to the database that will be saved you have to make a copy of the database and rename it.
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    Help with new maps/scenarios

    All of the data needs to go into the Data folder.
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    Market-Garden AAR Gary vs Baelfiin

    Hi Norad, I might have Frost on the ground but "It never snows in September" Gary
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    Build 160

    Hi T, how do you feel about trying another PBEM. Gary
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    The Falklands War 1982

    Hi, The simulation will include Sea King helicopters, all of the Royal Navy air defence missile systems and the Mirage. I have included the Super Etendard and Exocet combination. However because all of the scenarios either take place in land or on the coast and not in the open sea there...
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    The Falklands War 1982

    Hi Guys, I thought you might like to see how The Falklands War 1982 is shaping up. The two pictures show the same tactical situation. Two teams from 1 Amphibious Commando Company moving in on Government House. One shows the Contour Map view, the other the Colour Map view. Currently every...
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    Don, I received this reply from Col Jim today, Thank you for the detailed email with the attached files. I tried to fix this during the summer, but I could not find enough examples that would enable me to replicate the problem enough times so that I could locate the source of the...
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    Hi Don, I have just sent off a bug report to Col Jim, explaining everything Charles and I have found. I also included the scenario file, aar file and the pbem turn files. Hopefully that should provide Col Jim with everything he needs. cheers Gary
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    Charles and I have started our score test game using Baghdad Fumble. After I completed my moves as bluefor for turn 1 and before saving the turn I checked the score window. All was as it should be. No victory points or casulties for either side. Charles sent me his turn one. Apart from...
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    Charles, I sent my first turn in our PBEM test game to you a few days back. Just checking to make sure you got it. cheers Gary
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    Defense in depth, or put it all on the line?

    With TacOps I try to keep to what works in real life. It seems to me with this one that what gets you killed in the real world gets you killed in TacOps. I usually go for depth defence. Placing a screen forward to engage the enemy recce units and force him to deploy his follow on units...
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    Charles I am still willing to test play the scenarios. Please let me known which scenario you would like to try first. Gary