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    How Is AF planing to handle VASL

    Where? I have the other two maps but not Abbio Priolo. EDIT: I see you JUST posted it. Thanks! Here's the link for anyone looking....
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    How Is AF planing to handle VASL

    Any plans to get the Abbio Priolo map on VASL?
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    Hatten in Flames Index

    Awesome! Thanks!
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    Couple of questions about LVTs

    TH process aside, is the resolution of a mortar hit versus a LVT4 the same whether they are wading or swimming? You roll on IFT as per C1.55? Just want to make sure there's no hidden rule elsewhere specifying a different process.
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    Couple of questions about LVTs

    LVTs gotta be in motion when in a water obstacle. So if an LVT4 for instance is on an ocean hex (not shallow) do they HAVE to enter a new hex during movement? Can they simply hold position? They can't stop while in the water, so they cannot delay. But can they just choose not to enter a new hex...
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    Caves and OBA

    Thats the rule I was looking for on hidden caves. And in perfect fashion its in a section labelled "Non-Hidden Caves." LOL. THANKS!!!
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    Caves and OBA

    Playing White Beach 1 and having trouble getting the rules down for NOBA vs caves. Need some help with this: 120mm NOBA drops on an area that includes two HIP 1-4-6 caves in light jungle. What happens? -Do you roll on the IFT (24FP) for each unit in the hidden cave using the +6 cave modifier...
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    Monster maps: Panels or one sheet?

    Anyone know if the monster maps are panels or one big sheet? Does CH just not sell full maps anymore? God I miss the days before those damnable panels. Pretty much axed CH from my shopping list entirely solely for that.
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    Corregidor Preorder

    I was looking around for the Corregidor map for VASL and it looks like it's not available. Same with the Schmidt stuff which is considerably older! Are people really NOT playing these CGs on VASL or do folks have bootleg maps? Playtest maps?
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    Hatten scenario/CG setups?

    Anyone done scenario/CG setup files?
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    CH counter errata question

    I got the SS nat set a while back and I recall hearing there was an errata sheet for some errors on the counters. I emailed Ray about it and recently he sent over a couple of errata sheets marked 2017, but none of the counters appear to be from the SS nat set. Was there another errata sheet I...
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    There are definitely OD green concealment counters in the full US OD Green Nationality set.
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    Nationality counter set feedback? Anyone got the discount email they can share?

    Got my copies and figured I'd share whats in the OD green set...
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    Nationality counter set feedback? Anyone got the discount email they can share?

    I wish those images (even smaller versions to protect from piracy) were on CH's site and they offered similar images for other products. I would spend a lot more money with them if they were more transparent in what they are offering and when it might arrive.
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    CH Mailing List?

    Also gonna recommend patience after requesting to be on the list. Took like 3-4 weeks before I started getting the emails. But it did happen.