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  • Very kind of you sir.

    Hey sorry for the delay I will get us started before your Sat noon the latest. I am scrambling to get things squared away before travelling for 2 weeks.
    "For me, a real pleasure of learning ASL has been the gradual internalisation of the rules. It's a project. It requires an investment of time and concentration. However, it's a very fulfilling process."

    Your recent summations of ASL and the ASL experience have really been spot-on lately! Excellent!
    Here are copies of what I just received. I am right in thinking you are Eoin Corrigan? If not I have led everyone astray!

    Cirrigan has already been taken care of? Are you saying he didn't get anything??
    Ray T

    Firstly, sorry for the delay-- a little confusion as your order is under Peter not Martin. Your order 11666 as well as the replacement counters for AfrikaCore #1 have been sent. Your customs# is LJ702122567US. This was shipped last week ( sorry I've been swamped with orders and was concetrating on getting things shipped before updating your accounts.) On a side note-- can you please for the future when asking about customer service/orders please use the name on your order-- it just makes my*job a little easier-- as there are many people with the same last name in our files.
    Maureen-Customer Service
    Jus fired off another email cc'd to ray, Dave Lamb and Maureen. I'll let you know the outcome.
    Have you received anything from CH! Yet? It's now been a couple of weeks since the map bundles arrived so maybe we should start making some noise.

    No problem - I'll be watching your blog with great interest to see which shape your Singling CG takes, so lots of detail would be greatly appreciated :) So far, for me, Singling has been great - tear-arsing around the village with a company of shermans and bazookaing the odd panther is a great buzz, although I've had to be very, very careful with my infantry.

    Of course, I'll also be taking a close look at your Purple Heart Draw AAR as PHD is also on my list (although I think my CG partner and I may take the plunge and jump into a Stalingrad CG alter in the year, once Singling is finished).

    All the best,

    Hi Eoin, Thanks for the comments on the blog. Looking forward to the Singling campagn. I am about to start a Purple Heart Draw campaign as well which is slightly more involved but looks a lot of fun.
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