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  • Hey Did you design the Hogan's Heroes scenario? If so, I wondered if you cared if I used the map and some SSRs in one of my scenarios for my website? I'll acknowledge you of course somewhere on the page.
    "Um, because there wasn't. See the report. But I know that lack of facts cannot dissuade when you "feel" you're right. And having another democratic president is going to kill you, so why not repeat the meme some more."

    :clap: Or they can just say it's crap (ala L. Graham).
    "It's even more important that children be..."

    For this one and the following post: :clap:
    You might have a problem with your rep score. I gave you rep but it does not seem to be showing up in your rep 'lights'.
    "9 out of 10 fat guys with T-34 counters stuck between their cheeks agree."

    "I'd resent that if I didn't have a fork sticking out of my eyeball right this moment."

    Replace :sinister: with :devious: I don't post enough to remember these things.
    Hey Brian, Can you email me the Hogan's Heroes scenario and map? I want to play it with my son, who is in the Marines.
    I think it is a hoot. I will let you know how it turns out later.
    Also, I designed ten scenarios centered in the ETO, It is only Americans vs. Germans. If you are interested in seeing them let me know.
    Rudy Marmaro
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