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    DACA protections continue

    While I am happy Trump admin has lost another court decision, the dissenting judge is, of course, a Trump appointee. Federal appeals court rules against Trump on ending DACA
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    The British European Referendum

    My sister is going to take a walking tour of Cornwall in June. I'm not exactly sure of the itinerary, but is there anything special that a local could recommend, something too small to make it into guidebooks but a good way for a visitor to meet a friendly crowd, or get drunk and watch a match...
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    Conservatives too busy posting faked videos of Nancy Pelosi as drunk to actually spend any time governing

    HRC certainly got it wrong. There are a lot more deplorables in the republican party than she estimated. So many swamp deplorables, too. CEO of small Florida bank loaned Trump millions in 2018, then got Federal Reserve post
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    Where do they find such bad actors

    Bill Barr turned out to be a very crooked man, and he's a mainstream republican with a long history. Yet he's taking orders to make investigating Jeff Sessions for treason the number one issue at the Justice Department. Where do republicans get such bad people? Trump orders intel agencies to...
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    The British European Referendum

    How did May last so long without resigning? And, it's not even front page news here in the US.
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    Illinois Republicans want to seperate Chicago from the rest of the state (and create a 51st state)

    Exactly. It's the tyranny of the majority because the minority cannot dictate it's will like it can nationally.
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    Republicans will refuse to proceed to put a black woman on the $20 bill - truly a party of absolute racists

    I actually give the R's a pass on this. There is probably some racism involved, but probably just as much a grumpy old person rejection of any change. Though it is funny how much Jackson's popularity shoots up though when threatened to be replaced by a freed slave's image. 95% of Americans...
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    67% of Americans back Roe v. Wade

    Because at heart, it isn't about saving life but about controlling women. Lawmakers call for Mississippi rep's resignation after he was accused of punching his wife
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    British artists

    I have to give it to the English, they sure do know how to build monuments to Trump.
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    67% of Americans back Roe v. Wade

    I think the really ironic thing is that there is no real principle involved in state-ism, only power by the few. The usual trope is that states are closer to each state's population and are thus a buffer to big government control from Washington DC. But state-ists do not apply that principle to...
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    Honoring their sacrifices

    You do realize of course that tobacco use is far more prevalent in Europe than here in America? Even alcohol consumption is generally higher there. So they get to smoke and drink more than we do AND they live longer.
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    Alabama - banning abortion w/o exception for rape and incest is logically consistent... how can you make an exception?

    Ordinary people have decided that educating oneself about elections and then voting is simply too much work, so they've given their rights to big companies to take care of everything for them. And ordinary people are getting what they deserve for being so very very lazy. Of course, it doesn't...
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    Jeff Daniels calls out republican senators

    "But at the end of the day, aside from 'I don't want to pay taxes', it's race. . . . This is about the republican party, or a wing of it, going 'this is our last chance to save the party and if we don't it's the end of the republican party'; and the only way they can do that was to tap the race...
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    67% of Americans back Roe v. Wade

    State-ism is the last refuge of the insane. With apologies to Harry Seldon.
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    Good news

    I used to scoff at dedicated gun nuts with fantasies of the government confiscating all guns. But Trump has shown us that a president that ignores the rule of law can do most anything he/she can get enough support for in the public, around 35%. Suddenly things like gun confiscation, and, best...