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    Aug 31, 2003
    VASLeague 2018 is an individual ASL tourney, now at its 12th edition, played mainly via internet with the following rules:

    1. General Rules

    1.1 The Swiss System is used for pairings and classification.

    1.12 There are 5 rounds of 2 months of duration each, beginning on 1st January 2018; round two begins on 1st March, round 3 begins on 1st May and so on…

    1.2 If any league has less than 17 players there are only four rounds. The fourth and last round, in this case, is a four-months round, starting on 1 July and ending on the 31 October.

    1.21 Three points are awarded for a victory and one point for a draw.

    1.3 Tiebreaker: If two or more players finish the league with the same number of points, the following cases will be applied in order from a) to e) for determination of final ranking:

    1.3 a) Result of the game played by the players with the same number of points (if they are just two and assuming they actually played a game one vs the other);

    1.3 b) Best opponents met not counting the worst and the best ( known as : Winged Buholz tiebreaker);

    1.3 c) Result of the game played by the players sharing the same tiebreaker number (NA if there are > 2 players with the same number of points per the Winged Buholztiebreaker above )

    1.3 d) Number of the round of the first game lost (the later the better);

    1.3 e) A random drawing will be made.

    2. No PbeM

    2.1 The matches will be played on the VASL server live or face-to-face by default.

    2.12 a PBeM game is allowed only if both players agree. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don’t subscribe if you already know you cannot guarantee in the two months limit (60 days) enough time to play even a small or medium sized ASL scenario live on VASL !

    2.13 Delayed Notes

    2.131 Players are suggested to extensively use the “delayed” notes VASL tool to record HIPs, Fortifications, Covered Arcs, Spotters, CE status, Pre-Registered hexes, and so on.

    2.14 Web Dice

    2.140 The use of the dice coming with the VASL module is mandatory.

    2.141 Any other system to roll dice, as for example the use of real dice – instead of a dicebot – rolled in front of a web cam is allowed only of both players agree.

    2.2 Scenarios and sides are freely chosen by the players, balances included. Any scenario may be chosen [EXC: SK scenarios are NA]. It is strongly recommended to choose scenarios according to the time and the experience both players have. If no agreement is reached the TD will contact both players and choose the scenario drawing the sides.

    2.22 Players are not allowed to play twice the same scenario during the tournament, even switching sides.

    2.23 If a scenario will not be finished by the 2 months period and the players are unable to decide an outcome (a winning or a draw), the TD will determine the final result helped by two judges (see below). If the number of turns played is less than half the total scenario turns (FRU) the game is lost for both players.

    2.3 Players are kindly requested to find an agreement on the result of the game and ask for the judge decision only if any agreement is impossible.

    2.4 The player who is mainly responsible for the missed game or for a delay that makes impossible to end the scenario in time should admit his fault giving the win to the opponent.

    2.5 If the players are unable to agree on who is the (main) responsible, both loses the game unless the TD has a clear evidence that a player is the main responsible.

    2.6 Please note that no investigation is possible on the reasons of the delay even if asked or requested to the TD.

    2.7 The deadline is not flexible. No game is allowed beyond the deadline scheduled for the round. This applies also in the last round.

    3. TD and Judges

    3.1 The TD is Enrico Catanzaro (ecz on the Gamesquad forum).

    3.2 There is a “Judge Crew” of volunteers of proved VASL/ASL experience that will decide the scenarios not ended by the deadline. The Crew is formed by notable and experienced players not involved in the same League of the game under adjudication.

    3.3 Judges should be able to give their vote in no more than 36 hours seeing the last VASL screenshot position of the game.

    3.31 Players are allowed to send the Judges a brief comment to explain their plans for the endgame.

    3.32 The TD will chose the two Judges among the Judge Crew trying to rotate the Judges to not overwhelm of work anyone.

    3.33 If a game has been judged in opposite ways by the two Judges, then the TD will decide.

    4. Subscription and format

    4.1 For season 2018, 32 players have conquered or maintained the right to play in the TOP VASLeague ; they will participate in the TOP VASLeague 2018 and will play for the title. All other players are placed in the non-TOP (Regional) Leagues and in the Second Line League (see below).

    4.21 The TD will try to form the “non TOP” Leagues according the preferences of the players and their respective Time Zones to make easy the live play.

    4.22 All players not cancelled in 2018 (i.e. in play after the last round of past season) are automatically signed for 2019; there is no need of a formal subscription.

    4.223 Players relegated from the TOP VASLeague should indicate their respective Time Zones.

    4.224 In 2018 there are four “non -TOP” leagues: European/Oceanian League (European + Australian/Oceanian Players) -US/Can East League (East Coast players) -US/Can West League (Central and West Coast players) and the “Second Line League”

    4.3 The registration started on November 1st closes on December 30th, 2017. On December 31st, 2017 there will be a draw for the first round and from January 1st, 2018 all matches may start.

    4.4 With the registration all players accept these rules and give automatically to the TD the permission to send and share their email addresses to all other VASLeaguers for tournament purpose. If you want keep private your personal email, please create an “ad hoc” email for the tournament.

    5. Promotion and relegation for 2018

    5.1 In 2018 the TOP VASLeague has 32 players. This is the number of players scheduled also for 2019 season. At the end of the 2018 season the last six players of the TOP VASLeague table will be relegated to the other non-TOP leagues and equally divided among them in the most logical way according Time Zones of : European/Oceanian League, East League and West Central League. Conversely the best six players of the said leagues (two from each one) will be promoted in the TOP VASLeague.

    5.11 Starting from season 2016 European/Oceanian League and East League have 16 players each and thus four rounds only. The West Central League, given the apparent shortage of VASL players in this region, has 12 players only. These leagues have scheduled only for four rounds.

    5.112 More promotions are allowed if there are more than six players leaving the TOP VASLeague (for example for cancellation). The extra promotions are shared equally among the other leagues. Extra-promoted players are selected using rule 1.3.

    5.12 No promotion is mandatory. Any player could decide to stay in his current league rather than be promoted to the TOP VASLeague giving automatically the player below him in the table his right. In fact non -TOP leagues are “Regional/Local” and gather players with a close Time Zone (Ex: Australian/ Oceanian Players are added in the European League), while the TOP VASLeague gathers the better players from all the world no matter their Time Zone.

    5.3 New players, as well as those cancelled due to (multiple) forfeits, begins or restart, from the new Second Line League [EXC : Returning players, see below 5.31]

    5.31 Returning players. The TD can allow to players who have played at least five years in the TOP VASLeague or have won the main event at least once and were not participant at the last season, to re-join VASLeague ignoring the Second Line League. They will take the place of an Cancelled player in the TOP VASLeague or in any Regional League. This happens only if in the said league there are “extra” relegations that should instead allow more promotions.

    5.4 Second Line League.

    To have less forfeit and an higher percentage of game played, all non-TOP leagues have, as said above, only 16 players. So all new players signing in 2018, all players cancelled in 2017 and returning in 2018 or classified in the last two spots in any non -TOP League, will join the Second Line League. This League could have any number of players and gathers players from all the Time Zones. At the end of the season the best two players picked from the three time zones matching the non-TOP Leagues, will gain the promotion to the respective non-TOP League. More promotions are possible if there are more than two players relegated and/or cancelled in a superior League or, for whatever reason, there are more empty spots to fill.

    5.41 New players added after Round 2. New players can join the Second Line league even at start of round 3. They play only rounds 3, 4 and 5 but can eventually gain the promotion if their final position in the table is high enough.

    5.5. The Scheme for VASLeague in 2018 and following years:

    TOP VASLeague (32 players, coming from all TZs); the winner is the TOP VASL player of the year! Six players at the bottom of the table and/or cancelled are relegated to:

    -> European/Oceanian League ( 16 players from Europe & Oceania TZs) the best two players are promoted to the TOP VASLeague; two players at the bottom and/or those cancelled are relegated to the Second Line League


    -> East League (16 players from Canada and US East TZ) the best two players are promoted to the TOP VASLeague; two players at the bottom and/or those cancelled are relegated to the Second Line League


    -> West -Central League ( 12 players from Canada and US Central and West TZ) the best two players are promoted to the TOP VASLeague; the two players at the bottom and/or those cancelled are relegated to the Second Line League.

    at a level below there is the new:

    Second Line League (it gathers any number of players from any TZ: all new players, all cancelled players that subscribe again, all players relegated from European, East, or West-Central League). The best two players picked from any TZ are promoted to one League above. More promotions are possible to fill a gap in any of the three above Leagues if two promotions per TZ are not enough to fill the ranks.

    6. Abandoning

    6.1 We aim to have a VASLeague full of *dedicated players*. Thus no player can win any League or simply be promoted to an higher level if has even a single forfeit in any of the rounds.

    6.2 If a player forfeits two matches he is immediately cancelled from that league and relegated at the bottom of his League. That player will restart from the Second Line League if he will register again.

    6.2.1 A forfeited game is a game not played at all. An interrupted game or a game not finished in time as well an early resign after the game has just started is treated simply as a lost game.

    6.3. The last active player of a table, if odd for a previous cancellation, gains an automatic “Bye” against a “dummy” player. Nobody in a tourney can gain more than one “Bye”.

    6.4 Past experience shows that people forfeiting their very first round usually forfeits another round thus becoming cancelled from the tournament. For this reason, a player who forfeits his FIRST round is immediately cancelled (no reason to wait a second forfeit that happens 95% of the time). Exception: A single forfeit in any round in the Second Line League ALWAYS causes immediate cancellation.

    6.5 We hope that in a couple of years all the best/more motivated and constant players of the world will occupy the Top VASLeague or the other non TOP leagues, while the new Second Line League works as a filter for those that aim to gain access to the higher level, but must first pass a difficult stage beating VASL players of any kind, skill level, and VASL-attitude/experience, so showing a (eventually renewed) constant interest toward this side of the hobby.

    7. Prizes

    7.1 For 2018, we are waiting a motivated sponsor. Everyone may add new prizes for specific spots or achievements in the various leagues.

    7.2 Registration is free of charge.

    Please write to for questions and clarifications.

    Have fun!

    The VASLeague TD, November 2017
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  2. ecz

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    Aug 31, 2003
    here is the current players list:

    TOP VASLeague (32)

    217 Robert Feinstein
    203 Rich Domovic
    133 Paul Chamberland
    44 Michael Klaukty
    62 Carl Nogueira
    11 Jon Cole
    222 François Boudrenghien
    13 Enrico Catanzaro
    47 Paul Lauger
    7 Andrea Pagni
    247 Aaron Cleavin
    277 Jeff Wasserman
    50 Ed Beekman
    210 Paolo Cariolato
    275 Vic Rosso
    257 Pablo Garcia-Silva
    220 Alex Koestler
    218 Eoin Corrigan
    299 Robert Loper
    45 Brian Roundhill
    115 Kenneth Young
    318 John Bays
    150 Chris Mazzei
    140 Laurent Tinture
    15 Brian Wiersma
    284 Kevin Killeen
    234 Chris Chapman
    288 Ken Dunn
    271 Nathan Staffp
    166 Chris Hofland
    89 Craig Houliston
    298 Brian Routh
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  3. ecz

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    Aug 31, 2003
    European/Oceanian League (16)

    268 Darryl Lundy
    199 Will Fleming
    123 Alessandro Coriasco
    35 Toze Santos
    273 Martì Cabré
    184 Leonardo Conforti
    300 Ivan Kent
    320 Marc Hanna
    130 Santiago Penabella
    131 Juanjo Martinez
    345 Lars-Peder Jensen
    83 Stefano Isella
    135 Peter Martin Vicca
    346 Kris Koch
    345 Sebastiano Caltabiano
    334 Bjorn Lorenzen
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  4. ecz

    ecz Partisan Captain

    Aug 31, 2003
    US/Can East League (16)

    201 Mike Augustine
    272 Paul Schaeffer
    309 Jean F.Fortin
    296 Patrick Palma
    316 Jason Wert
    321 David Yllanes
    80 Jim Taylor
    56 Damon Norko
    289 Will Willow
    329 Jack Boyle
    312 Mark Watson
    310 Jeff Buser
    250 Charles Dye
    348 Robert Oler
    340 James Fardette
    48 Rob Arrieta

    US/Can West -Central League (12)

    239 Ryan Voznick
    297 Charles Hammond
    9 David Perham
    82 David Rosner
    290 John Lehman
    254 Steffen Knippel
    319 Bob Zinselmeyer
    60 Doyle T. Motes
    85 Jason Burnette
    330 David Haasl
    61 Larry Rohlfing
    67 Stewart King

    Second Line League
    today about 20 players
  5. ecz

    ecz Partisan Captain

    Aug 31, 2003
    Second Line League grows very fast
    at this moment we have 27 players. There is no upper limit of course.
  6. Big Noodle

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    Sep 28, 2005
    Hayward, WI
    Just a reminder that I asked to be signed up while you were abusing me on VASL :)
    Still goes!
  7. ecz

    ecz Partisan Captain

    Aug 31, 2003
  8. Roundhill

    Roundhill Member

    May 3, 2006
    Once again, thank you very much for all your work in organizing this.
  9. igycrctl

    igycrctl Member

    Jun 3, 2017
    I haven’t played ASL yet, but I’ve play some SK, and I want to transition. Is it a good idea to join the league or should I wait?
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  10. FDBarbarian

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    Nov 3, 2015
    I am new also. Two years and have played some Vassel with Neil Andrews and I attend SWO in Chicago (though not in the summer months because I BBQ and smoke cigars and drink beer in the backyard heaven). I also attended the 16 Chicago open. I think Vassel agrees with me due to the convenience. I have almost all ASL mods (sans AoO) and I need to be into this more.
  11. PabloGS

    PabloGS Active Member

    Apr 17, 2004
    Santiago de Chile
    Jump in! No need to wait! Best way to learn is by playing. You can arrange with your opponents to play simpler scenarios to start with.
  12. ecz

    ecz Partisan Captain

    Aug 31, 2003
    The Second Line League is the ideal place to start your VASLeague Saga. When you reach a good experience level you will be able to leave this basic level and move to one of the Regional Leagues (that is the intermediate level). As not very experienced player I suggest to ask your opponents for simple/not complex scenarios for the VASLeague games.
    you would be the 37th Second Line Player for 2018 . If interested please send an email to

    We need full name, a valid e-mail and the Time Zone of your place ( actually not necessary in Second Line League, but necessary in the case you gain the pass for the superior level).
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  13. Eagle4ty

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    Nov 7, 2007
    Eau Claire, Wi
    Hopefully see you at the 2018 Chicago Open?
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  14. ecz

    ecz Partisan Captain

    Aug 31, 2003
    currently 37 players have joined Second Line League 2018, that makes 113 players in total shared among the five Leagues
  15. ecz

    ecz Partisan Captain

    Aug 31, 2003
    currently 45 players in the Second Line League, for a total of 121.
  16. ecz

    ecz Partisan Captain

    Aug 31, 2003
    with so many players in the second Line League and so few spots at disposal for the promotion to the superior level ( just six in theory, plus all cancellations occurred in any "regional" league) it could become too difficult leave the basic level of VASLeague. I won't change the rules this year, but should happen that numbers grow uncontrollably, I could consider to decide more relegations/promotions per year to allow a better turnover starting from 2019. Or I could decide to create a further league, The Conscript League, and make the Second Line League as a second level (from the bottom) in the VASLeague hierarchy. Any suggestion is appreciated since nothing is decided.
  17. andrea pagni

    andrea pagni Active Member

    Sep 4, 2005
    I think that continuosly creating down ladders is the wrong approach. I would scrap the second line league and keep only the regional ones. If you want you can ban for a season the players that forfeit too many games. more simple and more efficient in dealing with the ones creating the problem rather than creating an impossible structure..

    and i would start from this same year...
  18. WuWei

    WuWei Active Member

    Sep 28, 2014
    You could always bump up the regional leagues to 32 (or 24) players.
  19. ecz

    ecz Partisan Captain

    Aug 31, 2003
    Andrea I believe it's a little harsh say "no, you cannot" to someone wishes to subscribe again the year after a cancellation. It's a game after all.

    Wuwei the regional leagues were of 20 players till a couple of years ago. I had to diminish the number to 16 (and to 12 for the West-Central) because simply there are not 20 (European) +20 ( East) +16 (west-central) players able to play diligently these regional leagues for five rounds. Too many forfeits for my taste year after year. This was a damage not only for the forfeiting players, but also a hit for their opponents and the League itself.
    Nowadays 16+16+12 seems better because 32 players in the TOP and 48 players at intermediate level reflect probably the size of our VASL/competitive community.
    The rest are players that - no offense intended - do not have the same level of interest of the others. Or at least still have to show such interest.

    I would not frustrate their partecipation and possible genuine interest with a hell-like league too hard with 50+ players mostly unknown to the community. Hence my doubts.

    Things can change, of course. I agree with Andrea however, the structure must remain as simple as possible.
    thanks for the answers
  20. andrea pagni

    andrea pagni Active Member

    Sep 4, 2005
    Then I miss something :)

    the second league was created because you felt there were too many players ruining the standings by forfeiting their games. Personally I always tought that is not the solution, because that would simply move the same problem to the lower level. By banning the guilty for the next season you are not doing any harm I think.. just keeping the situation fair for all. This way also th regional leagues would become much more interesting.

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