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Sep 9, 2011
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San Diego
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Not sure if I am reading the results correctly, but in Empire's Fall, Perham (Allies) won against Oler (Axis).


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Aug 31, 2003
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So, We have several final results.

Winners are:
Paolo Cariolato (TOP VASLeague), silver medal goes to Brian Routh;

Darryl Lundy (European- Oceanian League), also promoted in the TOP VASLeague with Martin Vicca, ended at the second place;

Jim Taylor (US/CAN East League), he prefers stay in the Regional League, so the guys promoted are Paul Schaeffer (second spot) and Mike Augustine, third place. Note that the second and third spot are decided using the last tiebreaker rule ( 1.3.d) before the rude Random Selection, being both at 9 points, and having both 12 points for the "winged buholtz coefficient" and lacking any direct game one vs the other.
Rule 1.3 d says: Number of the round of the first game lost (the later the better);
this is the last tiebreaker I use, probably not fully reasonable, but better than the mere dr. For what I know it is used only in the ASO tournament and gives many not necessary problems being the main tiebreaker there, but confined as last tiebreaker like I do in VASLeague it can still be useful.

David Perham (US/CAN West - Central League), also promoted with Charles Hammond, who per the same tiebreaker above prevails over Steward King.

Many congrats to all winners, and thanks for patience showed for this late coronation :)

In the Second Line League, Lionel Colin wins, while Ramon Weston is the silver medal, the only two always winning players. They are both promoted with another few players I will name later


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Aug 31, 2003
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Now We have the full view of the past season.

in the TOP VASLeague the last six players leaving the league are:
Hofland - > to Euro League
Chapman - > to East League
Mazzei -> to Euro League
Dunn - > to East League
Garcia Silva -> to East League
Feinstein -> to West League
Plus Kevin Kileen that voluntary abadons VASLeague

In the European/Oceanian League
Koch -> Second Line League
Martinez (cancelled) leaves the league

In the East League
are both cancelled and leave the league

in the West/Central League
Voznic (cancelled) leaves the league
Rosner -> Second Line League
Lehman -> Second Line League

in the Second Line League
Colin -> goes to the European/Oceanian League
Weston -> goes to the West/Central League
Moro -> goes to the European/Oceanian League
Childs -> goes to the East League
Langer - > goes to the East League
Galli -> goes to the West/Central League
Zavala -> goes to the West/Central League



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Aug 31, 2003
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Later more comments and all reports on the actual roster of each league


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Aug 31, 2003
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As Kevin Kileen voluntary abadons VASLeague and Eoin Corrigan asks to move to the European League we have two empty spots in the TOP VASLeague that are filled using the tournament rule, i.e. best not promoted player (counting points and winged bucholz tiebreaker) that indicates:

Doyle Motes (from East League) and Marc Hanna (From Europea/Oceanian league) both at 9 points and 12 as tiebreaker.
thus we have a complete starting list for all the main leagues unless someone gives up his position in favor of someone else

TOP VASLeague 2019 (32 players)

203 Rich Domovic US cen
133 Paul Chamberland US east
44 Michael Klaukty US east
62 Carl Nogueira US east
11 Jon Cole Aus
222 François Boudrenghien Fr
13 Enrico Catanzaro It
47 Paul Lauger US
7 Andrea Pagni It
247 Aaron Cleavin Aus
277 Jeff Wasserman US East
50 Ed Beekman US Cen
210 Paolo Cariolato It
275 Vic Rosso US East
220 Alex Koestler Ne
299 Robert Loper US east
45 Brian Roundhill US Cen
115 Kenneth Young Can east
318 John Bays US East
140 Laurent Tinture Fr
15 Brian Wiersma US east
271 Nathan Stapf US Cen
89 Craig Houliston US Cen
298 Brian Routh US Cen
268 Darryl Lundy NZ
135 Peter Martin Vicca Sco
201 Mike Augustine US east
272 Paul Schaeffer US East
60 Doyle T. Motes US central
297 Charles Hammond US Cen
9 David Perham US west
320 Marc Hanna US

European/ Oceanian League (16 players)

199 Will Fleming Europe/Japan
123 Alessandro Coriasco It
35 Toze Santos Por
273 Martì Cabré Sp
184 Leonardo Conforti It
300 Ivan Kent Aus
130 Santiago Penabella Sp
345 Lars-Peder Jensen Den
83 Stefano Isella It
345 Sebastiano Caltabiano It
334 Bjorn Lorenzen DE
150 Chris Mazzei CH
166 Chris Hofland Ne
218 Eoin Corrigan Ire
378 Lionel Colin Fra
81 Joe Moro Aus

US/CAN East League (16 Players)

309 Jean F.Fortin Can East
296 Patrick Palma US East
316 Jason Wert US East
80 Jim Taylor US East
56 Damon Norko US east
289 Will Willow US east
329 Jack Boyle US East
312 Mark Watson US East
310 Jeff Buser US East
340 James Fardette US east
48 Rob Arrieta US east
257 Pablo Garcia-Silva US East
288 Ken Dunn US East
324 Chris Chapman US East
98 Bruce Childs US east
269 David Langer US East

US/CAN Central -West League (12 Players)

82 David Rosner US west
290 John Lehman US West
254 Steffen Knippel Can West/Cen
319 Bob Zinselmeyer US Cen
85 Jason Burnette US Central
330 David Haasl US West
61 Larry Rohlfing US west
67 Stewart King US west
348 Robert Oler US cen
217 Robert Feinstein US west
374 Ramon Weston US Central
385 Rick Galli US Central

and finally the Second Line League at the moment with 49 players

346 Kris Koch De
121 Steve Cummings US west
226 Andy Beaton Can east
6 Pierce Mason US east
332 Magnus Rimwall Swe
337 David Garvin US east
342 Tobias Deissler DE
344 Jay Dragonetti US east
110 Chuck Tewksbury US east
335 Mika Harviala US east
349 Luca Martini It/Aus
351 Andrew Goldin US East
353 Joseph Vennarucci US west
145 Laurent Le Billan Fr
355 Gary Bartlett US east
358 Kevin Russell US east
359 Steve Anderson US east
361 Alan Krause US West
63 Don Holland US east
362 Jim Bellini US Cen
363 Andy Riemer Ge
365 Jonathan Kapleau US East
367 Al Nikolov Fin
370 Todd Rezack US West
185 Dan Cunningham US east
260 Adam Lunney Aus
375 Ketil Høgenhaug Den
377 Steve Bond Aus
379 Roy Connely US Central
380 Felipe Zavala US west
382 Jim Hunter US East
388 Grassi Maurizio ITA (US EAST)
389 Ernie Cameron Can
74 John Bock US Central
391 Kåre Cumberland Jacobsen Den
392 Simon Staniforth US east
308 Lee Hyde Sellars UK
391 Rusty Shield US east
336 Albert Kirkpatrick US US East
356 Dirk Beijaard Ne
280 Santiago Lopez Barba Sp
376 Pieter Van Innis Bel
4 Roberto Alesse It
314 Jim Traver US East
393 Massimiliano Colosimo It
394 Ulric Schwela Fin
366 Robert Tyson US east
395 Lawrence Flaherty US east
396 Francesco Isabella It

numbers exists only for administrative purposes, ignore them.

for Second Line League there are still a few days to join (until the 20th February)

Genosse Gelb

Oct 8, 2011
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Thanks for all the dilligence. Now I feel really worse having lost to Ramon in the very last minute. I was very tired at 1am local time and overlooked to secure a victory hex which he snagged with a HS and turned an otherwise lost game. Congrats to Ramon, he is a very good player, but one should not play him in the wee morning hours ;-). Again, thanks to Enrico for all the work and making the drama possible!
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