Soviet RPG-2 Korean deployment?

Brian W

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Jan 29, 2003
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The RPG-2 went into production in 1948-49; were any given to the North Koreans or the Chinese in time for deployment in the KW?

I found an old scenario that gave the NK's the ability. The SSR treated them like a 44 PF, with a 23 TK, or enough to have a good chance of penetrating the front of a M26 or M46

Paul M. Weir

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Apr 3, 2004
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180mm of penetration would earn a TK of 23 (18+5), at least, though due to the exponential stepping/inflation of ASL's armour values, an extra point or two would not go amiss, so 23 -> 25 would do. I've seen both 180mm and 200mm penetration figures, so TK 23 or 25.

I've seen 100, 150 and 200m (~500m maximum, self-distruct) effective ranges and it was reloadable. An RPG-2 (and later RPG-7) had a 2 man team, a gunner with the RPG-2, a haversack with 3 rounds and an assistant with a haversack or sometimes two. While the firing cycle was closer to the various PF (IE more like a RCL than a Baz), it was not a "round of ammo" type like the PF or later LAW. So I suggest that the RPG-2 should be a 1PP SW with a TH table, using the Baz44 or Baz45 TH table and an IFT equivalent of 12. It had a 82mm diameter warhead which is far closer to the M20 (Baz50) calibre of 90mm than the M1/M9 (Baz43-45) 60mm, so copy the M20's 12 IFT rather than the other Baz's 8. An X11? While most factors are fairly straight forward, range and TH are a bit harder to pin down. As this is a more leisurely post war development, I would be inclined to give the RPG-2 the benefit of the doubt and use the Baz45/50 TH table rather than the Baz44 table.

I've seen no mention of it's use in the KW, which doesn't mean it wasn't, but if you did want it then maybe require a crew for such a new weapon? Maybe a few of the earlier and less successful RPG-1 were used?