1. Khan-Dam

    Map VASL Breskins CG 1.1

    It's the Gif File from Costal Fortress Web Site Archive converted in dbFile for VASL + a CG Save file for loading all map in one time : bd files are stored in board directory open BreskinsCG.vsav et Hop Regards from France cheers
  2. BigAl737

    VASL Overlay Extension

    This thread serves as the reference point for all things regarding the VASL Overlay Extension. I'll make a commitment to check it regularly. Here's a cut and paste from another thread to get us started: The updated VASLOverlays extension is posted. Version 1.02 is available for download here...
  3. Jazz


    So I m in the process of getting ready to bring in a new computer and am in the process of copying over my user folder from my old machine. I realize that I probably do not need to copy the VASSAL tiles folder as it will get created anew when I install VASSAL on the new machine, but I could not...
  4. fzmann

    Looking for VASL- Skype/facetime opponent

    howdy, I'm an experienced ASL player, but never have played ASL using VASL. I would need some VASL orientation. I have the program running on my Mac, but not sure how to proceed. Looking for an experienced opponent to play 4-6 hours per week over 2-3 evenings per week Pacific time in the US...
  5. Blackcloud6

    CH Aller I & II Maps?

    Is anyone working on VASL maps for CH's Across the Aller I & II?
  6. shirlfactor

    vasl noob turn question

    Good evening, It's been a long time since I've played pbem vasl. This is my first turn as the defender. I finished my opponents log and ended the log file. That's where I'm stuck , where do I find that log file and how do I save it to email my turn? Thanks for the help.
  7. Swiftandsure

    Looking for the Ammo Dump counter

    Hi all, I can't manage to spot in what folder is the Ammo Dump counter. Could someone provide some help? Thanks in advance
  8. Swiftandsure

    PBeM - using Dropbox or Drive ?

    Hi all, As the to and fro of emails during a PBeM game can be heavy (especially when gmail stacks emails one upon the other, and you have to go down the page to fish out a logfile), have some of you tried to simply save logfiles in a common folder of a cloud saving system (e.g. Dropbox or...
  9. A Lost Canadian

    Overlay RR13

    Trying to set up ASL165 Nothing but Courage. Requires overlay RR13. I keep getting this error: The overlap repeats itself on board 17 and where it should be on board 42/44. What would would cause this? Am I just screwing up how to input overlaps?
  10. S

    VASL problem

    Hello, Im new here, so I hope this isnt the wrong place for this. I have VASL version 6. Both my opponent and I have trouble getting the los tool to snap on the center dot, it wants to bounce all over the hex. I tried working with the settings, but nothing works. Any ideas? Thank you Steve
  11. C

    Eeek! A bug in VASL when placing residual fire counters.

    Has anyone else experienced a bug dialogue box every time they try to place residual fire. I am using VASL 6.3.0 and VASSAL 3.2.14 EDIT: There is no error/fault when using VASL 6.2.2 any ideas what am I missing out on if I continue to use 6.2.2 and not 6.3...
  12. Michael R

    possible HIP issue in 6.2.2

    In a scenario I had HIP fortifications with non-HIP units underneath the HIP counters. The fortifications were two trenches and two pillboxes. At game start, my opponent could see none of the HIP counters on his screen. On turn two, I revealed one trench to my opponent because I moved a unit...
  13. Michael R

    Terrain Transformation: Light Woods

    I tried to use this option to alter a map because there was an SSR for Pine Woods and I wanted a very visible reminder. My scenario used maps 39 and 50. When I applied the transformation, map 50 did not change. I tried troubleshooting the issue with different maps. Now I can't get the...
  14. P

    Counter error L3/35

    Is there a list of issues somewhere? The L3/35 should be +2 target size but Axis minor and Hungarian versions are only +1.
  15. synicbast

    VASL + Skype Themed Scenario Series with a difference

    Pretty much open to all time zones as I have the luxury of only working Monday to Thursday. Hi all, I'm looking for an opponent to partake in a themed series of scenarios set in the Eastern Front. The theme is not so much Eastern Front, or indeed by publisher but is based on playing through...
  16. Sully

    Small VASL/Skype game wanted

    Hey all, I've been away from ASL for many-a-year and would like to get back into it. I was fairly competent in my day, but the dust lies thick on whatever part of my brain keeps the ASL rules. I'd like to play a small VASL ETO scenario via Skype, something with a low unit count. I would like...
  17. commissar1969

    Experienced Player Looking for a Live VASL Game

    Seeking VASL games on Skype using dice (not the bot, please LOL). I've been playing since 1983, so my hold on the rules is pretty decent. Will play anything but beach landings / caves / desert. Will play anyone except noobs and cheaters. Hell, if I'm really jonesin' I'll even...
  18. Michael R

    Work-around for disappearing counters and sticky counters.

    For those who may not have figured this out: Expand the stack. This seems to work most of the time. If a hex is particularly stubborn, drag the counters to another hex and do the work-around there and then drag them back. Some disappearing examples: the disappearing residual fire counter...
  19. C

    Linux *.vlog file association

    Being a lazy bum, I got tired of: receiving an email, saving the vlog file, start vassal and then open the *vlog. I just want to double-click the file in the email program and go directly into vassal. Some tinkering later it worked and perhaps someone else may find this usefull...
  20. C

    Reading savefile with lost password

    My VASL died when my disk crashed. I am now up and running again, but I have chosen a different password (Cannot remeber the old one). My opponent can send me savefiles saved with my old password, but I cannot access concealed and HIP stuff. Is there any way to get full access to a VASL...