1. E

    Screen shots with Windows 8

    I'm having a problem with taking screenshots with Windows 8. I have tried using the Windows method, FRAPs and another program ( I forget its name but can look it up if it's helpful). What happens is that when I go to make a screenshot the shot ends up being of my browser. Anyone had success with...
  2. E

    Arnhem scenario design AAR/DAR JonS has been working on a scenario design AAR to give some insight into both the editor and how he goes about creating a scenario.
  3. E

    Gustav Line module released

    slm;s post reminded me that NUTTERNAME asked me to do this. Also, here is a list of some game changes in the module * Improved range of video card and driver compatibility with shaders. *...

    Death Match behavior

    The game still has the 'fight-to-the death syndrome' that many people have commented on. While there are plenty of examples of real-life actions going all the way, it is not typical combat behavior. I think that the old 'delay' system might be a viable answer to the robotic taking of...
  5. Redwolf

    Anybody (still) playing Airborne Assault / Command Ops / Highway to the Reich?

    It's an ex-BFC game so I can as well ask here :) Just looking for something to play while I wait for more CMx2 fixes. I just remembered that Panther Games' Airborne Assault / Command Ops / Highway to the Reich wasn't all that bad so I checked the status. I also want a Market Garden game so...
  6. E

    CMBN v2.01 patch released
  7. Redwolf

    Market Garden module and the 2.01 patch

    Well I guess we'll get our updated 2.01 patch with the MG module, and then backported. Maybe even before the end of the year? Apart from the MG changes indicated and cleaning up some of the technical bugs found in 2.0, any other changes that we already know? Did they ever publish a unit...
  8. E

    CMBN v2.0 released

    The upgrade is out. I would have posted the full feature list but I'm on my DSP. Here's the link. There is a nifty new feature that scenario designers might like.
  9. S

    OT: amazing drones

    a video worth watching about drones!

    Mortar Moron

    Truly sad really. The game is designed by someone making claims like this? I suppose it would just be too hard to redesign the Italian 45mm to be realistic? There is no way this stubby piece of junk was accurate. It was accurate because WWI mortars were accurate? Since when were WWI...

    UI Simple Improvements

    Since BF really scrogged-the-pooch with it's lame attempt at 'featurizing' the UI, I wonder if just improving the existing UI would have been more in their comfort zone. I find the game-play to have irritating qualities that just make playing it an unpleasant experience. It's like being at a...
  12. E

    Combat Mission: Fortress Italy demo released Even if you're not interested in the theater it's a chance to check out the UI changes.
  13. Geordie

    Lmg mg42

    If there's one thing that I have mixed thoughts about it's this thing. The LMG MG42 just doesn't seem to give the same kind of results that I've been expecting. To be honest I was expecting it to be a bastard to play against and a force multiplier to play with. So far it seems like it's...