sherman tank

  1. Michael Dorosh

    Sherman tank dates in the editor - info for scenario designers

    Sherman tank dates in the CM:BN editor - info for scenario designers Dates Available Sherman Type Jun 6 - Aug 31 M4 Sherman (mid) Jun 6 - Aug 31 M4 Sherman (late) Jun 6 - Aug 31 M4A1 Sherman (mid) Jun 6 - Aug 31 M4A1 Sherman (late) Jun 6 - Aug 31 M4A3 Sherman Jun 6 - Aug 31...
  2. Michael Dorosh

    AAMG use

    I notice that the Sherman tank commanders are not shy about using the AA MG. I know this got discussed a lot in the CM:BO forums - I thought consensus in those days was that the AA MG was just that - for anti-aircraft use. I was scanning the net looking for photos and I did find one or two...
  3. Michael Dorosh

    76mm Shermans in CM:N?

    According to Zaloga's US ARMORED DIVISIONS: ETO 1944-45, 76mm Shermans didn't see use in U.S. tank battalions until 24 July 1944 (D+49). The first type was the M4A1(76)W - which had the cast hull. The Sherman in the screenshot is an M4A3(76)W, with the welded hull, which was introduced after the...
  4. W

    Anecdotal support for effectiveness of 'track' armour on Shermans

    While doing my watchkeeping shift today at the local Military Museum, I read this article: ...which has anecdotal evidence that the track pieces welded onto Shermans did work to prevent penetrations...albeit as a temporary...
  5. C

    Shermans using AP in indirect fire mode?

    Gentlemen, Neil Barr has quoted a War Office record in 'Pendulum Of War - Three Battles at Alamein'. Said record is from the archive of 1st Armoured Division, and notes a tank commander of 10th Hussars in action on 2nd November '42. This commander parked his Sherman behind a gentle slope...
  6. H

    The CMN engine and real trajectory effects; Or, Can a Sherman kill a Tiger??

    I was looking over a few websites that showed how Tigers may have been knocked out or destroyed by tanks armed with weaponry that was deemed unable to defeat the Tiger's frontal (and side armor). Technically, it is assumed that the way in which the CMN engine works should allow for a plethora...
  7. Rocket-Man

    PZ IVs vs. Shermans

    I am working on a scenario that will pit PZ IVs vs. Shermans. To see how the two tanks compare, I set up a test with 40 tanks firing at each other at 1000 meters as shown in the picture below. For the test I used all regular tanks and gave each command tank a +1 command with no moral bonus. The...
  8. Brian W

    Loza's Book about Red Army Shermans

    Quick question for someone with the book--What does Loza say happened to the lend lease shermans after the war?
  9. B

    Radioless Shermans in KGP?

    Hi, getting ready for a match of KGP1, shadows of death, and the roar, 14-6 for the Amis, has me checking out the balance. Such a low number of playings doesnt mean much, but why not. Balance: The four Shermans are to be radioless... Now, this looks good for balancing, but I just have...