1. RandyT0001

    Partial list of scenario fortification in MMP scenarios. v1

    Partial list of MMP scenarios with fortifications. I plan to add other TPP products as time allows.
  2. RandyT0001

    2017 Scenario Design Contest

    Scenario Design Contest Salerno to Cassino ( is the sole reference and research source for the battle upon which to base the scenario design. Any other people wishing to enter before the official start of the contest must choose a battle and...
  3. Robin Reeve

    Scenarios occurring at Tilly-sur-Seulles

    Hi all, I will spend three weeks in Normandy in July, at Tilly-sur-Seulles. I tried to find ASL scenarios occurring there on the ASL scenario archive... and only found one that I designed for the Journal du Stratège, such a terrible design, full of errors, that I even forgot having dared publish...
  4. Michael R

    need scenario suggestions

    I wish to have a "one round mini" during CASLO, wherein everyone plays the same scenario and there are two winners: best Allied player and best Axis player. Since VP are the easiest way to measure "best", both sides should need to score VP of some kind. Two examples that I know are: SP34 Frank...
  5. Paolo Cariolato

    ITASLIA 2012 Scenario Selection Poll

    We as ITASLIA organizers are always looking for new twists at our tournament formula. We started with themed rounds, added a PTO optional round, went to themed tournament. This year we are going to poll this forum on the scenarios we selected for the five rounds of ITASLIA, in order to get...
  6. Michael R

    Light Bocage HSR in BtB11

    SBR 1 in this scenario states "Bocage is Light Bocage." After reading the Light Bocage rules, I was expecting something more like "Hedges are Light Bocage". My feeling is that they really mean what they say in the SBR. In this scenario, hedges are hedges and bocage is Light Bocage. Am I...
  7. G

    Europe 1944 Scenario Information I: Game details

    Europe 1944 Scenario File and Info FINAL VERSION THIS IS THE FINAL VERSION AFTER PLAYTESTING. I wil submit it to the scenario depots very soon. I have redesigned for TOAWIII my scenario 'Europe 1944', on the last year of WWII in Europe. You can retrieve a pdf file with all the info...
  8. tunixx

    Breakout from Borisov Victory Conditions

    Victory in this scenario is based upon board control. The Russians need to have more than twice as many Victory Points than the Germans to control a board. The Victory conditions say "VP are counted as Good order Exit VP". Are immobilized tanks counted as valid VPs or are they ignored as they...
  9. Michael R

    Scenario hunting

    I am lining up scenarios for a mini-tournament whose theme is the Sherman tank. Naturally, the bulk of the scenarios are American versus German, but I have several other allies and one with Japanese. I looked for a scenario that has Italians against Shermans. I found only "The Guns Of Naro"...