1. ParaMarine

    I have never tried…

    Post rules you know of but haven’t ever had to do. for me: Deliberate immobilization (such a small chance of it working) Scaling (haven’t seen the situation yet that needed it)
  2. tunixx

    Entering crest status in APh

    Can the Geman squad in U4 enter Crest Status in T4 (as shown) during the APh ? Confusion arose as in the first sentence of B20.91 advance and movement are mentioned, while later the rules say enter: "Good Order Infantry outside a Depression may claim Crest status in the Depression hex it...
  3. Paul S NJ

    Streams during snow?

    Listeroids, Was preparing for Devil's Congregation and had a question. During 'regular' ground snow (not Deep Snow), is a stream with no ssr mentioned a dry gully or a frozen water obstacle? I can see it both ways and wanted some advice. Thanks in advance, Paul
  4. CrosleyPup

    Should I read PTO rules now or just wait for RS?

    I've only been playing ASL for a couple of years now and kind of been waiting for RS to be republished before diving into the PTO. So my question is should I read the current PTO rules or should I wait for RS? Are there going to be big differences? Thanks!
  5. rossssss

    HE v. Infantry - Critical Hit TEM reversal question

    This is probably an easy one. The situation: An Italian 65mm INF Howitzer fire on a stack in a single level stone building. He rolls a 1,1 on his TH DR. After Random Selection, the unit(s) selected take a 16FP shot. Does the TEM reversal apply to them? -3 in this case. I'm guessing so...
  6. S

    FB CGII Night Assault set up question

    Hello, The Night Rules generally state that the cloaked Attacker enters from off board. In the case where you have units already on board and a Night Assault is planned, are the on board units allowed to use cloaking? Thanks! David
  7. tunixx

    What is the effect of fire on a halftrack in melee ?

    Please take a look at the attached picture: The 2-2-8 is overrun by a US halftrack (No effect). The halftrack choses to stay in that hex. The 2-2-8 gets a chance to kill the halftrack in CC but fails. So the 2-2-8 is held in melee by the halftrack, but the halftrack is NOT held in melee by...
  8. tunixx

    Breakout from Borisov Victory Conditions

    Victory in this scenario is based upon board control. The Russians need to have more than twice as many Victory Points than the Germans to control a board. The Victory conditions say "VP are counted as Good order Exit VP". Are immobilized tanks counted as valid VPs or are they ignored as they...