1. Michael R

    Unload and abandon in same MPh??

    My opponent wishes to unload his SPW251 passenger (D6.5) and have the crew abandon (D5.4) the half track in the same phase. I say "no" because that would require 1/4MP + ALL MP. He is countering with a reality argument. It occurs to me, however, that one could have the two MP expenditures be...
  2. Michael R

    A7.305 question

    Someone brought a new interpretation of A7.305 to ASLOK last year in one of my games. The rule states "PTC result forces an unbroken Personnel target to take a NTC". The index states this about Personnel: "all SMC and MMC counters, including those mounted as Cavalry or Passengers/Riders, but...
  3. Michael R

    D2.51 Mechanical Reliability and failure

    When a vehicle fails its MR DR, can the inherent crew abandon that vehicle in the same MPh in which the DR occurred? I believe not because the vehicle is considered to have spent a start MP, but I would like others' opinions.
  4. Michael R

    B25.14 wreck blaze spread

    This rule states that a wreck blaze "may spread to become a Blaze in Burnable Terrain in the same location as per the normal Spreading Fire rules". The use of "spread to become a Blaze" makes me ask you all, does the successful spreading fire DR result in a Flame counter being placed in the...
  5. Michael R

    B24.8 labor status and roadblock clearance

    B24.8 states that "a unit" that fails its clearance attempt is placed under a -1 Labor counter. So imagine unit A has its -1 Labor counter. Unit B joins the effort on the following turn. They fail to clear the roadblock. Interpreting the rule literally, one might think that unit B now receives a...
  6. Michael R

    Roadblock HIP loss

    B29 states that roadblocks set up in a location with the arrow pointing at the blocked hex side. For the purpose of losing HIP, must an enemy unit see the location (of the counter, essentially), or must an enemy unit see the hex side? I am aware that the roadblock will be revealed if it, or its...
  7. Michael R

    D7.221 and Street Fighting Ambush -1

    Opponent's tank comes adjacent to my stack of leader, squad, LMG in a building. Tank is Pz1, so I have the leader direct the LMG as ordnance. LMG hits, but does not stop the tank. Tank enters the stack's hex using VBM. I pass the PAATC for a CC Reaction Fire Attack. I tell my opponent my stack...