1. Michael R

    Pillbox SOP Guide 1.0

    Pillbox rules are listed according to their relation to the sequence of play in ASL. The guide also includes two tables regarding pillbox elimination and pillbox CA, NCA TEM.
  2. James Taylor

    A9.4 Mandatory Fire Direction vs B30.7 Concealment (in Pillbox)

    Situation is German HMG (7FP) and German MMG (5FP) firing at >16 range at an infantry target in a pillbox for a base total of 12FP. A9.4 says: ...moreover, MG attacks vs unconcealed Infantry at a range ≥ 17 hexes treat those Infantry as concealed unless they are...
  3. Michael R

    B30.7 and ambush

    A concealed German unit is in a pillbox in a woods hex. No unit has fired yet from this pillbox. A concealed British unit advances into the pillbox hex to engage in CC. Does the German unit receive the -2 drm to the ambush dr for being concealed? I think "yes", but I would like other opinions. TIA
  4. commissar1969

    AP vs. Pillbox

    B30.32 states: 30.32 Ordnance TH attempts vs a pillbox/its-contents are resolved on the Infantry (Other) or Area Target Type. There is no Target-Size TH DRM vs a unit/Gun inside a pillbox. Neither a pillbox nor its contents can be Encircled. B30.35 states: 30.35 AP: Neither the CA nor...