1. Robin Reeve

    MG and Inherent FP in SFF

    Perry answered here a question related to an old thread I don't remember... Situation : A squad has first fired a MG - losing ROF - but not its Inherent FP yet. The MG is marked by a First Fire counter, but not the squad. Questions : 1) May the MG Subsequent First Fire without the...
  2. S

    IF/Sustained Fire Restrictions in First/Final Fire

    Some questions I've always had but never really gotten around to determining the answer for: The ASLRB clearly says a unit that uses Intensive Fire is limited to adjacent/same hex targets in Final Fire. 1) Is this true during First Fire, too? I believe an IFE-capable weapon can use...
  3. Anonymous

    Subsequent fire/unarmed unit

    Good mornig I have this problem: one unit marked with First Fire, adiacent to a building where others units are hlod in C.C., would like to use Subsequent First Fire against a unit moving in his los at distance of three hexes. Question: how a have to consider the unit holded in C.C.? I mean: a...
  4. L

    SFF w/ SW

    A russian 6-2-8 moves adjacent to a german 5-4-8 and MMG, using NAM and 2mf to move into a wood building. The first fire attack is 20 +1 and the MMG retains its ROF. The German player wishes to SFF with the squad, and attack with the MMG. Is the attack 12 +1 (10fp MMG + 5sqd)or 8 +1 (5fpMMG +...
  5. Anonymous

    3 Rules Questions - all fairly easy?

    #1 - A crew fires a GUN as FF, can the crew fire its Inherent FP as SFF or even FPF? #2 - Skis nullify all snow related movement penalties? #3 - WC DR and you roll a "12" for gusts. There is no wind at the moment, what do you do? Thanks for the answers :oops:
  6. T

    SFF with a MG (I know I played THIS wrong)

    Yes.> ....Perry MMP
  7. M

    SFF and SW question

    from the other list, interesting little discussion, want to see what people here think. Had a situation come up a few days ago. I had a British 457 with a Piat, first fired the inherent FP at a German unit 3 hexes away, another German unit moved adjacent, I subsequent first fired at it. At...