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  • Hey, Tork! I haven't touched ASL since I moved out here, but just discovered a convention (includes ASL) in Surrey, BC. Gotta fit that into my schedule.
    Regards the blown up maps, I work out how many of each map i need copied, to have each scenario area cut out, then get "x" amount copied, go home with them and cut each individual one out then a further trip to the printer and hey presto, DASL size playing areas, alll my friends that have played on the larger size of VotG now only want to play on them!! will try and post some pics when I get back to Scotland in two weeks.
    I agree completely with your last message to me, incidentally. I can see how little respect the other parties in the conversation apparently have for you or your thoughts on the matter.
    Hi Tork-
    Thanks for the rep. You know me as Dave, who's missed the last two game days at your place.
    That was Andy C with the US forces in SP166, and he didn't miss a trick, as usual. On turn 1 I had a rate tear with the light mortar: 5 shots, hit with 4, rolled a PTC, NMC, and 1MC, but I might as well have been shooting blanks.
    Hi Tork,
    I have been attacking through the Ebben Area - this attack has successfully taken the forest though his OBA is zoning in on me now, i have also held my 1 LVP here as well as taken 2 of his LVP.
    My other attack is to the Schwanenhof and i might have a chance to break into the building if he would only roll above 6 once in a while.

    I am doing well as far as the taking of locations is concerned but i am getting cut to pieces through pure non-stop biased DRs.

    It has been very demoralising
    Thanks re: the shuttle pic....We were very lucky in that my bride is from North Alabama and we went as guests of the Marshall Space Center in Huntsville...way cool experience....

    Russ (KYCATS7)
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