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  • "I wonder if Tate decide at sometime in the past to be gay and now has changed his mind and become straight."

    Men wouldn't have him either? ;)
    "Maybe just maybe if you paid better you would get better workers DUH!"

    "Well I'm glad I dont live in a country..."

    Why do you hate America? :flag: :angry:
    "I guess the Muslim doctor..."

    :clap: I would post that my dad, who is about as liberal as you can get... and supports Israel, is anti-abortion, etc, does none of the things that Glennbo (or any of the others) claims liberals do but it would just be swept under the rug or dismissed as "sure he does :rolleyes:" smh
    "Oh I understand what he said Dave and the context, It's just like the "you didn't build this" Statement that is being taken out of context that Obama said."

    Ed Zachry! :clap:
    'How dare you put safety of the public ahead of profits. It's like what .0002% of the population that gets killed by trucks each year whats the big deal."

    You sound pathetic. Tate told me so it's gotta be true. :)
    Getting help from Pleva now. See Caumont thread with him and the Black Hole of Death on my side next Wednesday will be a walk in the park for me.
    "My Guess is Tate figures no one on these boards is worthy of Christ love. :cry:
    If I had to know Christ thru him I would not want to know Christ."

    Well you must be an unAmerican, wussy, taliban supportin, commie scum. :p
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