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    Computer ASL

    Not exactly sure what you are saying about Magic Nat, as the card game has been a success and after a few dire computer/ consol attempts they've arrived at Magic Online which is rather good and plays not unlike VASL for ASL.
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    MMP Sale

    Doh! Some extracts from conversations with my wife this week... [Tuesday] On winning a copy of Code of Bushido on eBay and deceiding to go with For King and Country over West of Alamein. Me: "I've bought all the ASL items I need from eBay with the exception of a couple of Annuals, everything...
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    Counter Storage - Wickes Help Needed!

    Ian, As far as I know there's a Wickes in both Perth and Dundee which are both local to me. If you can get the details to me I'll pop in and take a look, even if they don't stock them I'm sure they'll order them for you. Hamish
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    Electronic ASLRB...?

    To get a screenshot of the active window press ALT + Print Screen together or to get a complete screenshot press CTRL + Print Screen then paste into your preferred application. That should do the trick if not let me know ;) .
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    Happy Link

    I was introduced to ordinance and vehicles today even if I did lose Pavlov's House in the process... but even better we had our first monthly ASL meet with 9 players in attendance. :D
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    Indian Army WWII?

    Just a minor point but the Gurkha's are from Nepal not India. ...they would be Kukri at a guess? ;)
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    Beyond Valor pricing

    I seem to remember reading on these forums that the ASLRB was to be financed by Starter Kit #1 if it was a success... which I believe it has been?
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    Out of Contact

    Well seeing as you appear to be touting for questions Ken, any news on the Rulebook reprint? It must be 3-4 months since it went to the printers?
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    ASL Starter Kit Shipping Info

    You're not alone ASL Posh, I placed my pre-order on the 1 March 03 and have yet to be billed despite being told on the phone it would ship within days approximately 4 weeks ago :( . I guess my cunning ploy to receive the Starter Kit quickly by pre-ordering and paying for airmail delivery has...
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    Learning ASL

    I'm new to ASL having never played SL either, though I do remember being put off trying ASL in the early ninetys due to the cost involved. However, now 10 years latter I'm in the position to be able to afford to buy the various components (even from eBay! :( ) my interest has been rekindled...
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    ASL Starter Kit Shipping News

    Just curious to know if anyone knows how the shipping is going? ie first 500 are on the way...
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    Paratrooper (2nd Ed.) Counters

    Thanks for the rapid responses guy's, now I can return to the other thought that keeps me wondering... when will the RB be reprinted ;)
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    Paratrooper (2nd Ed.) Counters

    Hi all, I've just received my secondhand part punched copy of Paratrooper (2nd Edition) today. While sorting the counters and checking them against Chapter N from the MMP website I have a couple of anomalies which I'm hoping someone can help with. Chapter N says I should have 5 x 1/2"...
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    BV Reprint

    Or two sided boards with one side summer and the other winter? I'm unsure what "Columbia style" mapboards are like though I have used many non-wargames with various types of boards (Age of Steam, Game of Thrones, Settlers and Formula De etc) and they all serve their purpose well. The only...
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    Armies of Oblivion Print Schedule - a Few Words

    As Brad so rightly says why not print an ASL Rulebook 2.1, think of all the extra copies you could sell to those players who NEED to own all the ASL products... :devil: