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  • Hi John just thought I would give you an update.
    Hopefully playing Ollie on the 9th and Paul on the 20th.
    Unfortunately this means that I cannot game on the 19th
    though when my June off-duty comes out I can give you
    a call and see what date suites you and what you would
    like to play.

    Hi John how is it going. Hope the job is getting better. Are you getting many games in? I just droped a line to Paul saying I am free on the 19th/20th this month. Give me phone if you are up for a game.
    On nightshift at the moment.
    Allthe best David.
    hey hows things john??
    brougt Cholm out here with me to drool over OMG its soooooo good
    Is saturday still on John 9.45 for 10am. R U bringing maps and I'll have counters ready.
    Hopefully we will finish for 4pm.
    How r u keeping?
    My last nightshift and aint I glad.
    All the best for now.
    Ps If u cannot make it give me a phone.
    Hi John
    Thought we could play J122 bloody bois jacques. Some OBA and Pine woods (B13.8).
    Then if we have any time J120 ishun tank traps.
    Hope we are still on if any problems let me know John.
    All the best and roll low, just not against me.
    David B.
    Hi John
    Thankyou for the call this evening I do enjoy talking about ASL almost as much as I enjoy playing it.
    Got onto the Grenadier site downloaded a scenario though could not see where to download the one we talked about.
    It is the wee hours in the morning and things are pretty slow at the moment so catching up on some admin., unfortunatley my off-duty did not come out last tonight so I hope it comes out tonight.
    Really good idea about getting together and playing the scenarios for Heroes 2011. Wonder if Olli will want to do the same with the maps again? Have to say it was a brilliant hit last time. Also noticed about 6 or 7 people have signed up for Heroes 2011. What time are you thinking of starting your trip down to Blackpool John?
    Well must go.
    There is some work to do.
    All the best John, looking forward to our next game.
    John, the Paul_rs is mr saunders already trolling my mail and checking me out, pretty sad really, yes?
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