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  • You really are skilled in a discussion - when you came out of the shell during the IIFT debate I was in awe...you've presented a solid couple of posts in the recent discussion, and you're right, it probably is suicide to discuss it since we both know that bad feelings are all that can ensue. Yet here everyone is, being drawn as if by magnetic forces! You have identified one thing very wisely though; we do have a very different perspective in Canada. We're as dedicated to the WoT as anyone, but I don't think we have any great desire to link it to any one causality.
    Thanks, I would love to attend, but, vacation time is limited. Will see what I can do. Give me some cool stuff my wife could do there, and, maybe I can convince her. Tim
    Hi! Yup, Dublin in Ireland. This year would not be a good one. The weather is like New Orleans, but with less wind. We have had the worst rain in my lifetime. Assuming the pattern of the last 4 years hold, late March to early May and Late August to late September are the best, weatherwise.
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