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  • Hi Jim, We Met @ Noreaster. Great AARs on the Stalingrad game.

    I'm Ultra Jealous

    Ted Wilcox
    Thanks for the comments!
    I waited a long tome to buy that particular bass (the 1981 4080 JG, got it on ebay in 2005), 25 years or so. I have two other Ricks, a 1976 4000 FG (my first good bass) and a 1977 4001 WHT.
    I had a couple of Fenders a few years back, but they don't feel as good to me, just a personal thing I guess.
    Enjoy the 4003, it's a modern classic with many vintage styling cues, looks killer in JG, and great pickups.
    My next Rick will be a 4003 MID, I want a brand new one with ne nicks or scratches, since all of mine are previously played (and worn).
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