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  • See previous message. Same applies, word for word... :)

    Have a good time in Holland and hope you get a game or three in...

    well am now in Sunny and windy Den Helder , Holland been here two weeks and going to be over here a while!!!!! Hoping to meet up with some of the dutch asler's hope you managed to get closer to a game.
    Ha Ha! No of course not! :) However Neil has discovered a gaming club that meets Saturday evenings once every 2 weeks at a community centre 200 yards down the road from me! So maybe this Saturday if I can get a pass...

    All well with you?

    and just to confuse the issue, I am over in Bremen for a couple of days!!!
    Anytime really as I am between jobs at the moment, best after 2:30 pm though
    10 hours straight! My god I would give my entire ASL collection for Zach to sleep that long! Neither Ingrid or I have had an uninterrupted 8 hours for nearly a year! It wears you down...

    When are best days/times to get you for a chat?
    agree on having a chat, have been managing two to three scenarios a month of late, am a grandfather now, and she sleeps for over 10 hours straight and my daughter thinks she is hard done by!!!!
    Hi Andy, well I have been working around europe recently , was in Sweden for three weeks and may soon be on my way to Portugal , not exactly sure where tho, as the agency have yet to tell me!!!, only good thing about the job is I can get some decent port!!
    So how are you and yours
    Hi Andy I join the roll of non attendees at Blackpool this weekend, :(
    Loss of job and just waiting for word of a start over in Sweden.
    Yes should be a good show from Scotland at least 8 of us!!! got a noce bottle of malt for the evenings as well. hope to see you at bournemouth. I have been getting a lot of games in recently , am 1/3 of the way through First bid as the germans , turn six and I am past the railway yards north to south, and have vehicles almost on the river bank!!!! also assaulting Pavlovs house to the north so going well there. Am playtesting a new historical module for Chas at the moment , proving interesting, early war so lots of infantry .
    cheers and regards to you and yours
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