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    ASL AFV Tactics Question

    Don't pivot the whole tank, just the turret. German wins, no Gun Duel, 9 or less TH on the American tank, unless it just popped into LOS, even then minimum of 2 MP since it stopped. German wins, no Gun Duel need apply and at worst, an 8 TH, depending on LOS possibly a 9. I'd take those odds and...
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    ASL AFV Tactics Question

    Why not just Pivot and shoot on the stop Movement point? The Tiger's Firer based mods are less. He will win the Gun Duel if the American declares it. As I read above, Mr. Bendis has already said the same thing. Never mind.
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    Nostalgia Hit...

    Not for nothing, The Citadel Game Cellar has been going in the Groton CT area since 1977 and continues to sell "our kind of games". Not just one or two in a corner either, a whole section dedicated to them, including ASL up on the shelves. In my retirement, I have begun to work there part-time...
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    Updated ASL Armory

    First time I have had cause to visit the Armory and I have to say, absolutely awesome site. Thanks for the great job done for the hobby with this.
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    After a pre-order snafu where info on a CC was old, I have managed to get Manila pre-ordered. I anxiously await its arrival.
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    should a HASL allow ahistorical actions in a CG?

    I would recommend some additional research. See if there is additional evidence as to why this approach was not chosen. More often than not, either a geographical or military reason was present for not pursuing a certain course of action. If that turns up nothing, a restructuring of the VC may...
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    ASL Bell Tolls

    Yup. When Gary was learning the game and I would pull some rule out, he would always say: "f*(&^ing veterans".
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    Sniper Question

    This also will come into play in your situation in hex D11, if it is chosen. 14.23 CONCEALED TARGETS: If the eligible possible targets include both concealed and unconcealed units, treat the concealed stack as one possible target (regardless of how many units it actually contains) for Random...
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    #69: An Interview with Chuck Hammond (half of HazMo)

    Chuck is good people, no doubt about it. Great interview. Regarding your thoughts that the CdG CG is pro-German, there have been 5 recorded playings to date. 3-2 German, so with the extremely limited number of games reported, as balanced as it can be. More importantly, four of the five have...
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    Green Hell of Inor CG III (Dennis Brothers)

    Well..................if your sacrificial HS was holding an HMG, he was living life well. Most sacrificial HS are in the low rent district with Mauser's and the like. ;-)
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    Green Hell of Inor CG III (Dennis Brothers)

    Catching up to this way late, but standard anti-sniper defense doesn't work in Dinant. The TEM of the Kill stack gets dropped to 0. You need more than the standard 2 HS on either side of the deathstar waving bright red construction flags. It doesn't prevent kill stacks, but it certainly can...
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    Did we do this correctly?

    Nobody seems to be mentioning the residual that the original attack left. Eight FP factors. Those get to spank the survivors as they get off I believe. So the 8-0 and the 6-4-8 will get off into an 8-2. OTOH, there is this, Surviving PRC (see 6.9) are not subject to any Collateral Attack from...
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    Manila VASL map available now!

    Well, tip o' the hat to Mr. Reppetti then.
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    Manila VASL map available now!

    Doug, thanks for getting another great VASL map out there. Carl