FrF51 Bite of the Bassotto - AAR

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Nov 25, 2010
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FrF51 Bite of the Bassotto - AAR (same as BoF19)


Interesting little scenario that gives both sides some unusual things to play with: Big Armored Cars for the ANZAC (remember, these are Stealthy), equipped with sM, Canister and SMOKE and two pre-recoreded PF and one 6 Factor A-P Minefield for the Germans along with two Italian Assault Guns which are powerful and brittle at the same time (No IF for either and only a VCA AAMG Armament besides).

The Germans only have a small force with which to defend the village and need to deploy (SSR grants free deployment). This village has no real places to fall back and at the same time is not easy to attack.

So the ANZAC can somewhat rely on their numbers to close is, some casualties are probably factored in while the Germans are supposed not to break all of their guys. So much for the theory...

I managed to spring a few surprises on my opponent, who opted for a pincer attack, which is a good idea for inhibiting routing later. In CC, I ambushed one of his CX scouting HS, but gacked the roll. Later, I killed it generating a 8-1, however, as by then 'the masses' had closed in and routing/retreating to safety was difficult, my newly minted 8-1 and the HS went down just as fast. More importantly, the key 548+LMG, which was the sole squad that I did not deploy, broke, opening up a 'free entry' into the village from the west and was eliminated when No Quarter was declared - again, routing proved impossible in the situation.

In the North, my flank seemed open, but there lurked the Bassotto covering some of the Eastern parts of the village, its flank guarded by the HIP HS with the PSK. Sure enough, as I had hoped, one of the ACs came up to threaten the Bassotto from behind and despite it did not elect to stop, I needed an 8 to kill it. Rolled a 9 (which seemed become sort of a theme...). As a result, enemy infantry was not shrouded in Burning Wreck Smoke and took out the HS+PSK, while the surviving AC (37mm) killed the Bassotto - now having become the hunted - with a ROF shot and a TK of 3.

This was more or less the turning point of the scenario, as the flank where my Germans would have been likely to prevail and where I intended to have my reinforcements enter was now infested with ANZACs, inclusive of an AC, a PIAT and my PSK. All what I had of a 'punch' in my forces was gone, so the ANZAC could close in and inhibit/delay the movement of my reinforcements.

This must not happen in a 5 Turn scenario, if you want to win it. So I got pretty much busted with but a single HS of ANZAC losses of that early CC. Probably, this scenario would not have been such a one sided affair if my PSK had done its job.

von Marwitz
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