->EPC<- Clan is recruiting! BF2142 Players


Jul 30, 2008
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Denmark, Born Derby
Hello everyone! The clan ->EPC<- Elite Pc's are now recruiting Battlefield 2142 players.

Normally we've got 2 2142 servers, but due to a few problems our UK one has been taken down for the time being, so now we've got a US server.

We're a highly international clan, with members from all around Europe and a lot of US members too. Because of this, you won't find a single moment when you're online where you're all alone, our Teamspeak server is always populated, at peak hours we're up to 30 online at the same time.

Other than 2142 we're playing Call of Duty 4, which we've got around 4-6 Servers for and one private server for Scrims and Clan Matches.

The clan has been alive for over a year, and we're still going strong.

As mentioned, we're at the moment recruiting Battlefield 2142 Players as many of the old players went on to CoD4.. But if you really really want to get in as a CoD4 player, try and throw us an application and we'll review it. NBS! You need to be of at least 16 years of age or older!

Interested ? Go to www.epcclan.co.uk, then browse to our forums and hit the application forums and post an application using the Demo Post as a reference!

Hope to see you there!
Kind Regards.
->EPC<- Koudelka84